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Students make up the majority of the Ninja Academy, where pre-ninja go to
be trained and prepared. Students are not actually part of the ninja force
of a Village, as they are still in the process of mastering the basics of
the ninja way. (In times of war, however, students may be conscripted into
a Village's ninja force.)

Academy Students usually spend their time honing the various ninja skills
they are required to know. They often undergo various tests and exams to
see how they are progressing. Besides ordinary subjects such as history and
mathematics, Students are also taught the basics of Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, and
Genjutsu. These lessons include learning about chakra, how to control
chakra, tactics, hand seals, and basic E-rank Techniques. The Students are
trained to work individually, and within a team.

Eventually, a Student is given a graduation exam to see if they are ready
to become a Genin. Passing this exam does not automatically make the
Student a Genin, as they also need to pass a second test given by their
Jounin or Chuunin team leader. Students who fail either of these tests are
sent back to the Academy.

Student graduation requirements vary from village to village. In
Konohagakure, for example, Students simply have to show proficiency in a
randomly selected E-rank Technique. In Kirigakure, however, Students have
to survive for days on end in the Blood Marsh.

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+news Students2

To graduate from the Academy, a Student must also acquire six specific

Clone Technique
Replacement Technique
Genjutsu Perception

If a character wishes to ICly graduate (that is, have a graduation
ceremony), please @mail your village's Kage, or - if the Kage fails to
respond - @mail +plot with your request. Please read +news icpromotions for
more details.

  • Students are REQUIRED to start with the No Basic Skills Flaw in CharGen.

Each of the six skills listed in the No Basic Skills Flaw must be learned
ICly, and applied for through MagiMaster2 (+news premadeapp). Students
start with a score of 2 for every stat (a total of 16 points: Stat Tier 0),
but they may NOT alter their stats in CharGen.

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