+news Styles

Every ninja - save for the most rookie of Genin - has one or more Styles
that they use. Styles range from Taijutsu Fighting Styles (such as Rock
Lee's Iron Fist, or the Hyuga's Juuken) to Ninjutsu Styles (such as
elemental styles like Fire Manipulation or Earth Manipulation) to esoteric
Styles (like insect or spider control) to Genjutsu Styles (like Itachi's
Sharingan-based Genjutsu, or Kurenai's plant-theme Genjutsu).

To use ANY Ninjutsu or Genjutsu techniques, you must first know the
appropriate Style. To use ANY Taijutsu techniques above D-rank, you must
first know the appropriate Fighting Style. You cannot apply for skills if
you do not have the requisite Style on your +sheet.

Many clans automatically come with access to a Style (for example, the
Hyuga clan comes with Juuken Style Taijutsu), but clan-less ninja, or clans
without Clan Bonus Styles, will need to purchase their Styles with XP (and
PP, if applicable). Please read +news skillcosts for more information
regarding the XP and PP cost for Styles.

Note: having an Elemental Style, or a Fighting Style, or any Style for that
matter, does not mean you are automatically a master of the Style. Mastery
takes time, and training. Having a Style on your +sheet simply means that
are able to apply for Jutsu that require that Style as a prerequisite (for
example, if you wanted to gain the the Wind Cutter attack, you would need
the Wind Manipulation Style).

* You can apply for Styles through MagiMaster using the Skill Application
(+news skillapplication).

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