Summon Application

+news SummonApplication

As mentioned in +news summons, there are two ways to operate a Summons: as
a Transformation, or as a charbit. Whichever method you choose, to begin
your Summons Application please @mail Plot Staff concerning your wish to
have a Summons. If approved, you will need to follow the steps below to
conclude your Summon Application.

1. Complete a series of scenes (a minimum of four) detailing your quest to
find your Summons (this is NOT to include a scene where you establish a
Summoning Contract — these scenes are for finding your Summons, and
anything that may come before the actual contract). Feel free to involve
another PC, or an NPC, to help you in your quest. All scenes involved in
finding your Summons need to be logged and submitted (+news logs). Please
note that this series of scenes may be time-warped, as to not prevent you
from engaging in your regular RP.

2. Once your Summons plot is finished and logged, @mail Plot Staff stating
that you've finished your series. Once they approve your logs, you will be
contacted to schedule a scene in which you and Plot Staff establish the
actual Summoning Contract. Once that scene is completed, you must purchase
the Summoning Technique Skill (+skill/show summoning-technique). Once
acquired, you will be allowed to either apply for your Summons as a
Transformation through the Skill Application (+news skillapplication), or -
if you wish to have your Summons as a charbit - you may create one in
CharGen (+news summonbuilding).

3. Once your application (for either a TF Summons, or for a charbit
Summons) is approved, you will be charged the appropriate amount of XP &
PP. See +news skillcosts for more information on cost.

* If this is not your first Summons, simply contact Plot Staff about
creating a new Summons, and follow the standard application process (+news skillapplication, or +news summonbuilding).

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