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For characters who have decided to create their Summons in CharGen, please
pay close attention to the rules and directions below, as the inability to
do so may lead to your charbit being rejected.

-The initial Summon cost of 4 XP & 4 PP represents two things: the
establishing of the Summoning Contract, and the first D-rank Summon. The
cost of the Summoning Contract is 3 XP & 3 PP, and the cost of the initial
D-rank Summon is 1 XP & 1 PP.

-The additional Summon ranks can be represented in two ways: you may
purchase the Summon ranks as upgrades to your initial Summons (for example,
making your first D-rank frog Summon a C-rank frog Summon), or you may
purchase a new Summon (for example, a C-rank frog Summon in addition to
your D-rank frog Summon). Whichever method you choose, the cost is the same
(+news skillcosts).

Creating a Summon charbit is a lot like creating a new character. Create
your charbit at login as you would a character. Once in Chargen, give your
charbit the Stats of a Genin (you will later allocate the Stats in the BG
portion of CharGen). Do NOT take any Clan affiliation, and do NOT take any
Merits or Flaws. You may set your charbits +finger info if you wish, but
what you MUST do is write a detailed background and description for your
Summons. Your background should include several things:

1. Backstory of how your character obtained the Summons.

2. Background and personal history of the Summons itself.

3. Who this Summon is within the social structure from which it came.

4. Why this Summon would be motivated to work with your character (for a
noble cause, or a despicable one, or whatever in-between).

5. Unique skills, traits, and Stat allocation of this Summon. (Be specific,
as this will influence what your Summon is allowed to do skill-wise. This
is not the place for full Skill Applications. This is just the idea of what
the Summon is capable of. After CharGen, you will need to apply for your
Summon's skills just like you would skills for your character.)

* Please also include the name of the character who owns the Summons, and
the rank of the Summons.

(Continued in +news summonbuilding2).

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+news SummonBuilding2

Starting Info for Summons:

Rank XP & PP Cost Chakra Cost Stat Total Skills
D 1 1000 25 3 D, 3 C
C 3 2000 42 3 D, 2 C, 1 B
B 5 3000 56 3 C, 2 B, 1 A
A 8 4000 66 3 B, 2 A, 1 S
S 12 5000 72 2 B, 2 A, 2 S

Note: prerequisites, including Styles, are waived for Summons, but the
skills do need to fit the theme of the Summon. Staff reserves the right to
refuse a skill for any reason.

* If you apply for your Summons like an upgrade, your Summon will retain
its old skills, and will only receive skills that are beyond what it had
before. For example, a D-rank Summon upgraded to C-rank gains only one new
B-rank skill (plus the Stat boost). For additional information on applying
for extra skills for an existing Summon without upgrading in rank, see
+news summonskillapps.

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