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Creature summons are a widely sought-after ability on NarutoMUSH. There
are, however, several guidelines when applying for a Summoning Contract.

* Nearly all approved Summons are animal or insect Summons. If you wish to
apply for an unusual Summons (demons, ghosts, gates, etc.), you MUST
contact Staff beforehand to discuss your request. Please note that the
approval of such special requests is rare.

* Anyone may apply for a Summoning Contract - be you good, bad, or ugly -
but remember that summoned creatures do not work for you because they 'have
to'. Having a Summons is a privilege, not a right.

* Characters wishing to apply for a Summoning Contract must RP with Plot
Staff (to acquire an RP log of gaining the Summons) BEFORE creating their
creature in CharGen, or applying for it as a TF (+news summonapplication).

* An individual with Scroll Mastery (may be your own character, an NPC, or
another player) MUST be present to establish the initial Summoning Contract.

* Non-animated Summons (shuriken, kunai, senbon, etc.) do not require a
Summoning Contract, only Scroll Mastery and/or Seal Mastery depending on
what is summoned.

(Continued in +news summons2.)

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+news Summons2

There are two ways that Summons are handled on NarutoMUSH.

First way: transformations. This is the simplest method by which to
represent your Summons. This method raises the user's Stats while the
Summons is active (much like the way the Inuzuka handle their animal
companions). TF Summons are essentially the same as general TFs (+news transformations). Summons that are represented as TFs also cost the same as
normal TFs (+news skillcosts). Note: the initial D-rank Summon - which
establishes the Summoning Contract - still costs the standard 4 XP & 4 PP.
Every Summon after that, however, follows normal TF costs.

Second way: charbits. Charbits are actual characters, created in CharGen,
which can be brought onto the MUSH. Players with this type of Summons must
not abuse their charbit. Please only log on the summoned creature for
combat. There is no need to log on the summoned creature just to walk
around with you. See +news summonapplication for more information.

Note: if Staff discovers that you are misusing your Summons by RPing them
inappropriately, or abusing them, you will be warned. If such behavior
continues, your Summons may be taken from you without refund.

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