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Summons may acquire skills beyond the requisite ones granted them upon
creation (+news summonbuilding). Applying for skills for your Summons is
exactly like applying for skills for your character. The only difference
is: in the Taught By/XP Pool, you should state that the application is for
your Summons (include the name of the Summons), as well as what XP pool
will be used to pay for the skill. Note: though Summons can gain new
skills, they CANNOT gain new (or increased) Stats. Also, Summons do NOT
gain XP from scenes, and they do NOT have an independent supply of XP.
Also, XP costs come from the character who owns the Summons.

* All skills applied for must fit into the general theme as outlined when
the Summons was first created (+news summonbuilding). The skills should
also fall into the personal theme of the particular Summons. For example, a
spider with Genjutsu abilities should not be able to acquire fire Ninjutsu;
nor should a wolf with Wind Taijutsu techniques be able to acquire Ice
Manipulation, etc. Skill Staff reserve he right to deny any Skill
Application for any reason if they deem it inappropriate or nonsensical.

See Also:
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