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Ninja Found Here: Waterfall Ninja

Takigakure "Village Hidden in a Waterfall" is located in the Land of the Waterfall. The village is not lead by a Kage but has a leader in charge of running the village. As it is noted, the village is hidden behind a great waterfall. It stands to reason that its ninja specialize in water based jutsu. The leader also processed a type of water called the Hero Water, which was extracted from a rather old tree. It gives the user ten times their ordinary chakra level. However, the strain of its use can prove fatal.

Alliance Standings:



Sunagakure (Sand)
Konohagakure (Leaf)
Amegakure (Rain)
Kumogakure (Cloud)
Kusagakure (Grass)
Kirigakure (Mist)
Iwagakure (Stone)

Hoshigakure (Star)
Yukigakure (Snow)
Getsugakure (Moon)
Kemurigakure (Smoke)

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