+news Tenjin

Village: General

Trait Point Cost: 25

Starting Bonuses:
+1 Ninjutsu (Stat)
+1 Intelligence (Stat)
Herbalism and Poisons (Skill)

Kekkei Genkai: Plant Manipulation

The Tenjin of Kusagakure are renowned the world over for being great
herbalists, and feared for being amongst the most skilled poisoners of all
shinobi. While the clan has no fighting style of their own, it is not
uncommon for them to use Taijutsu wielding poisoned weapons. It is more
common, however, for them to use Ninjutsu that takes advantage of their
great skill in herbalism.

While the Tenjin may be found providing their services to all of the Great
Shinobi Countries, the two largest groups of Tenjin can be found in their
home village of Kusagakure, or in Sunagakure. There is a rivalry between
these two enclaves, each considering themselves to have the ninja who are
the greatest examples of the clan's arts. So far, the rivalry isn't
violent, and the members of the clan seem to like it just fine that way.

Even though the Tenjin are spread across the world, they are careful about
the jobs they accept, so that they aren't pitted against other members of
the clan. The widespread nature of the clan means that its structure is
informal at best. There is no one ninja recognized as a clan head, though
the elders of the clan are respected. All in all, it is more like a large

Tenjin may eventually acquire the unique Skill: Plant Manipulation. This
manipulation requires both Water and Earth Manipulation to be had before
Plant Manipulation may be applied for. Plant Manipulation allows the user
to create life in the form of various plants. For more information, please
see +skill/show plant-manipulation.

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