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For centuries, there was war. When humans were nearly wiped out, one man -
the Sage of the Six Paths - emerged from the strife to bring stability and
order to the world. With the power of Chakra, he gave a new way for human
beings to build and grow. But instead of using this newfound Chakra power
for contentment and harmony, the clans of the world abused it, using it to
slaughter one another in the reach for power. For centuries after the
Sage's death, wars between the ninja clans raged. The clans each sought
power for their own sake, and for survival. Misery, hate, and bloodshed
ruled the lives of all.

But after 300 years of conflict, the Clan Wars finally ended when the
strongest ninja leaders grew weary of battle, and sought peace through

Many clans were enemies only a handful of years ago, and old enmities are
not forgotten. But the assemblies of ninja clans into collective military
powers (under the command of each country's Daimyou) are growing to become
tools not just of war, but of order. Peace still seems like a fleeting
dream to some, but most look to build a future free from the specter of

NarutoMUSH takes place in the past of the Naruto series, shortly after the
Hidden Villages have formed, and long before the time of Uzumaki Naruto.
The Hidden Villages are still growing, still determining what works and
what doesn't, and many of the laws and institutions from Naruto's time do
not yet exist. The full might of the Hidden Villages is untested, but no
weapon in the history of humanity has been left unused.

Now is the time to rewrite history.

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