+news Toujitakumi

Village: Iwagakure

Trait Point Cost: 25

Starting Bonuses:
+1 Ninjutsu (Stat)
+1 Seals (Stat)
Explosion Manipulation (Skill)

(Note: All Explosion-based Ninjutsu Attacks applied for by the Toujitakumi
member may take the Area of Effect Skill Mod for free. That is to say, it
does not count against the total number of Skill Mods for the Attack.)

Hidenjutsu: Explosion Manipulation

The Toujitakumi clan is not a family in the traditional sense of the word.
Though all members of the clan are technically related in some way, often
the only connection between one member and another is his or her DNA. This
does not mean that families of the Toujitakumi are dysfunctional. There are
an average number of relatively healthy families, many of which are
close-knit and supportive of their relatives. However, the tendency of
Toujitakumi to be recruited into the shinobi forces of Iwagakure and the
inevitable assignment to the Explosion Corps often means that members of
this elite section avoid establishing deep connections to others. Life in
the Explosion Corps is one of excitement, glory, wealth, and recognition.
However, the life of an Explosion Corps member is also often much briefer
than that of other ninja forces.

While not a "suicide squad" of any kind, the fact that enlisted
Toujitakumi work with Ninjutsu that is highly dangerous often means that
the smallest of errors can cost lives (or at least limbs). Furthermore,
when enemy forces recognize an Explosion Corps shinobi, that ninja is
typically immediately targeted. After all, allowing a ninja who can destroy
an entire army with only a few jutsu to roam about unchecked would be
exceptionally foolish.

Not all Toujitakumi join the Explosion Corps, but unless such a clan
member is a non-combatant, or works and lives independent of Iwagakure,
shinobi training is unlikely to be provided except in very rare cases.

Explosion Manipulation is the Hidenjutsu of the Toujitakumi that allows
them to make use of a type of Advanced Manipulation of the Fire Nature in
their Ninjutsu. Those trained in how to mold this Chakra are able to cause
detonations in various ways. Explosion Manipulation is very adaptable, and
though it can be used on its own to simply cause the molecules of a
structure to fly apart violently, it can also be combined with other
Ninjutsu types, or - in some rare cases - even Taijutsu. Since delivery of
the explosive Chakra to the target(s) is important, if an Explosion Corps
member or a shinobi-trained Toujitakumi does combine Explosion Manipulation
with another form of jutsu, it is typically to allow for ranged attacks, or
to otherwise make it less dangerous for the ninja to strike at the enemy.
There is also rumor of a Kinjutsu of the Toujitakumi which allows for
mouths to be added to appendages of a clan member, but such a thing seems
but gossip.

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