+news Touketsu

Village: Kirigakure

Trait Point Cost: 25

Starting Bonuses:
+1 Any Stat (Stat)
Elemental Manipulation: Earth, Lightning, Fire, Wind, or Water (Skill)
D-rank Jutsu: Taijutsu or Ninjutsu (Attack / Defense)

The Touketsu — "The Frozen". The very name that binds these shinobi stems
from their focused, calculating demeanor in battle, and the chilling waters
where their skills are honed. Dating back before the rise of the Mizukage,
the Touketsu enjoyed being the central power in the Land of Water, with
many of their organization earning the elite positions in the daimyo's
military forces. However, that changed when the Touketsu fell from grace in
favor of the Kaguya clan's more brutal efficiency. Yet the devotion these
individuals have displayed for their nation, and the value they place on
intelligence and subtlety, are of the highest caliber. Casual hearsay even
mentions handfuls of these ninja still out on missions that were given
decades ago.

No Kekkei Genkai links the Touketsu. It is for this very reason the
Touketsu have more in common with a guild than a clan. The Touketsu are
composed of a blend of current member's children, or those of clan-less
families, or, as is frequently made use of: orphans off the street. There
are two known stipulations for becoming a Touketsu. The first of which is
that no one belonging to a clan is allowed entry amongst the ranks. This
decree serves as both a means to protect the Touketsu techniques from
spreading, and a preventive measure for avoiding political feuds with other
clans. The second requirement is a rigorous mental and physical
conditioning regiment that all must endure for several years. In addition
to the severe discipline and drilling each day, Touketsu members also
receive a strict diet supplemented by herbal, chemical, and Chakra
concoctions created to improve muscle memory capabilities and reflexes
while enhancing cognitive functions through 'rewiring'. It important that
this begins before puberty as all drug-induced beneficial alterations to
the initiates become permanent once they reach adolescence.

Touketsu tend to be excellent in several fields rather than having
complete mastery over one in particular (a result of the importance placed
on each ninja art and how severely neglecting any of the three will
ultimately lead to defeat). Due to this programing, the typical Touketsu is
quite versatile, using everything from traditional weaponry to a wide
variety of Jutsu that seem to have no real bias towards element nor type.
Although unable to copy Jutsu instantaneously like the Uchiha, the Touketsu
are cunningly resourceful, and often pick up on many techniques during
their long missions and enemy encounters.

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