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Traveling is a large part of a shinobi's life. They must journey to other
Lands to help clients, or to carry out missions in other Hidden Villages,
or perhaps just to visit fellow ninja. Ninja may travel the continent as
they so desire, but there are several rules for would-be travelers.

* Traveling to a foreign Land (any area outside of a Hidden Village)
requires no special permission. However, if there are special circumstances
surrounding the Land (a war, visitor restrictions, etc.), then permission
will need to be acquired from Plot Staff, the Village's Kage, or any
highly-ranked officials of the Village (clan heads, council members, etc.).

* Traveling to the interior of a foreign Hidden Village (inside the actual
Village) does NOT require the permission of Plot Staff, the Village's Kage,
or any high-ranked officials (but it does not mean there will be no
consequence for those who mangle this freedom).

* Permission is not needed to travel to any of the Neutral Zones (+news neutralzones).

(Note: the right to travel solo is available to those ranked Chuunin and
higher. Genin may travel, but they must be accompanied by a chaperone: a
PC, or an NPC.)

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