+news Uzumaki

Village: General

Trait Point Cost: 30

Starting Bonuses:
+1 Stamina (Stat)
Seal Mastery (Style)
D-rank Seal Jutsu: New or Pre-Made (Skill)

Kekkei Genkai: Uzumaki Longevity

The Uzumaki clan are the primary inhabitants of Uzushiogakure, in the Land
of Whirlpools. The clan is capable both at warfare and at more peaceful
tasks, but their skill with Fuinjutsu (Sealing Techniques) is so vast that
even many of their allies fear their power. The Uzumaki are distant
relatives of the Senju Clan of Konohagakure, and the two have been friends
and allies for generations.

Though an Uzumaki can be good, evil, or somewhere in-between, the clan's
leaders overall tend to lean towards calm, logical discussion when it comes
to a conflict, rather than leaping into combat. The younger ninja tend to
be much more fiery of spirit and prone to impulsiveness, however. This
reluctance by the leaders to use force may be seen as weakness by some, but
it has a great deal to do with the notorious longevity of the clan. This
longer life grants the Uzumaki a better understanding of the big picture,
and allows them to think problems through more thoroughly.

Uzushiogakure and the Uzumaki clan itself are governed by a council of
elders, rather than a Kage. They are renowned for taking a great deal of
time to reach a decision. Many younger Uzumaki may find this slow
decision-making process frustrating, but they are also the ones who do not
generally understand the full scope of a given situation. On the other
hand, not all matters need the full amount of time given them by the
Elders, and in an emergency - especially when lives hang in the balance -
the council may be left at a disadvantage due to being used to deciding
everything so slowly.

The clan are masters at Seal Mastery, and this is reflected by the ease at
which they can learn seals. The Uzumaki clan receives an XP discount on all
applied-for Seal Skills (based on the rank of the Skill). The discount is
as follows: E-rank and D-rank Skills get a 1 XP reduction; C-rank and
B-rank Skills get a 2 XP reduction; A-rank and S-rank Skills get a 3 XP
reduction. This discount does not apply to Transformations, and PP
discounts are not available. This discount does not stack with med-nin
discounts, as one must either have Medic as a clan or Uzumaki as a clan. If
a skill requires med-nin and Seal Mastery, it falls under med-nin discount
rules and Uzumaki do not get a discount.

Uzumaki longevity means that Uzumaki clan member lives much longer than an
average human. Though they live longer, their biological processes are
equal to what happens normally to humans (their appearance changes with
age, they go through puberty, etc., etc.). Simply: normal human things
happen to the Uzumaki, but they are just stretched over a greater period of

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