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Village Hidden in the Leaves — Konohagakure (+news konohagakure)

Village Hidden Among Clouds — Kumogakure (+news kumogakure)

Village Hidden in the Sand — Sungagakure (+news sunagakure)

Village Hidden in Mist — Kirigakure (+news kirigakure)

Village Hidden Among Rocks — Iwagakure (+news iwagakure)

Village Hidden Among Stars — Hoshigakure (+news hoshigakure)

Village Hidden in Grass — Kusagakure (+news kusagakure)

Village Hidden in Rain — Amegakure (+news amegakure)

Village Hidden Among Snow — Yukigakure (+news yukigakure)

Village Hidden in a Waterfall — Takigakure (+news takigakure)

Village Hidden Under the Moon — Getsugakure (+news getsugakure)

Village Hidden in Smoke — Kemurigakure (+news kemurigakure)

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