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Wanderers are ninja (of any rank) who have no association with a specific
Village. They are different from Missing Nin in that a Missing Nin either
abandoned - or was cast out of - their village. A Wanderer, on the other
hand, has never had a specific Village affiliation.

To be a Wanderer, a character must choose a normal rank (Student, Genin,
Chuunin) in CharGen, and then provide explanation for Wanderer status in
their background. Or, Wanderer status may be acquired through IC events in

For characters who start as a Wanderer, Chuunin-level stats may NOT be used
in Chargen if the No Basic Skills Flaw is taken. A Wanderer may be a
Chuunin-level ninja, but they then must have all Basic Skills, and a
background explaining how they became a Chuunin-level ninja.

* There are no penalties for being a Wanderer.

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