+news Watanabe

Village: General

Trait Point Cost: 20

Starting Bonuses:
+1 Stamina (Stat)
Fire Manipulation (Skill)

Kekkei Genkai: Dragon's Blood Transformations

The Watanabe are a mysterious clan of reptilian, near-human desert peoples
that cover a decent expanse of the desert, either living beneath the ground
or in large rock outcrops. It is believed among the Watanabe that they are
the descendants of a long-standing legend of a dragon and human
relationship; but to others, they're seen as mutants. This belief is the
basis of their underlying culture and is reflected in their Kekkei Genkai.
Generally, they have a habit of being somewhat feral, openly displaying
their reptilian qualities in various hisses, growls and gruffs in
conversation. They are, however a civilized people and society.

The clan is split into three branches presently, defined in history by
three inviduals: Fukurokuju Takashi, Hachiman Rin, and Dosojin Masuyo.
Takashi would go to the surface and admire those that sought knowledge. It
is with this admiration that she studied and utilized her knowledge to draw
members to her newfound ideal and live in a village of their own that
supported them. Rin was a fighter, and was well known from her
participation in territorial campaigns against clans that shared the
underground world with the Watanabe. She decided to go the surface to see
if it was a better challenge for her skills. It wasn't long before she was
able to find opponents to fight. With this combat experience, she took it
back to the clan and formed a system she felt encompassed these traits.
Those that agreed with her left and they started a village of their own.

What was left was a scattered mess of people that hadn't any direction.
Masuyo was the one to rectify the problem. She was like them and took it
upon herself to find some direction. She left and went to the surface.
There she learned many skills, and often utilized them before returning to
the remains of the original clan and showing them what she learned. With
this, they went their way and created their own village, one that prospered
with knowledge of arts, smithing, and many other trades. This marked the
end of one clan and instead ushered in a new kind of unification. One where
each branch works with and supports one another despite what differences
they may have.

The Watanabe's Kekkei Genkai is the legendary Dragon's Blood, which
resurfaced beneath the breaking of the clan into three separate villages
(or "houses"). Many consider the ability a myth, but it is becoming more
and more prevalent with each passing generation of the Watanabe. For more
information on this houses of the Watanabe, please see +news watanabehouses.

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