Watanabe Houses

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Watanabe Houses

Black House — Fukurokuju

These Watanabe are those that were the first to break away from the unified
clan during the unrest period in order to preserve the ideals of the
unification. However, the efforts were futile, so they created a new system.
One of social harmony and moral perfection. Black is the color they felt
represented this new ideal and it became an identifier of their branch.

As a result of this new system, much of their time was dedicated to the
persuit of knowledge. Vast amounts of writings, artifacts and manuscripts
were collected over the course of time and a library built to house them.
This has given the branch an air of superiority to the others feeling the
other two houses inferior and barbaric, especially the Hachiman branch. While
some are mild mannered, the majority do have some popmpous tendencies, even
if they may be toned down to a degree. This branch tends to produce scholars,
but this isn't the limit of what comes from this group. The Hetman of this
branch has reached moral perfection and maintained social harmony, thus being
leader of the society.

They believe their system is the proper way to reach nirvana.

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Brown House — Hachiman

Those of this branch are militaristic, following the lead of a council of 3
generals, the highest being the Hetman. They are seen as barbaric and
uncivilized, but this is only from the view of Fukurokuju branch. Hachiman
are passionate and have a strong fighting spirit, both in battle and in
everyday life. Their system is one of service, honor, respect and wisdom.
They value service to the people above all, making sure that they are
protected from any threats. They follow a set of laws which outlines their
duties to the people and to their clan as well as a means by which to carry
oneself honorably. Wisdom is a treasure, one passed down from the Elders that
help to guide the clan through general life. Through these ideals, brown was
what they thought fit best. The color of earth which is viewed as durable and
strong like they are.

Where the Fukurokuju tend to be indirect, the Hachiman more than make up for
it by being the exact opposite. They speak their minds and say things
upfront. They also enjoy a good exchange of words that may end in a good
natured fight. Luckily, this only happens between friends and or family. The
Hetman of this branch has demonstrated unmatched service to the people and
fulfillment of their duties a feat that cannot be achieved on a regular
basis, though many try. Thus, being chosen for the position of leader.

This branch feels service and fulfillment of duty, sometimes at any means
necessary, is the best path to nirvana.

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Orange House — Dosojin

Dosojin is the last of the branches. This branch is the last and youngest of
the Watanabe branches. The followers of this branch are somewhat removed from
the others as their system does not agree with either of the other two
branches, instead opting for an approach that focuses on their abilities and
how they can use them for others, disregarding separation. These Watanabe
feel that one's life is filled with many paths and as a result, there is more
than one way to reach their goals set before them than through stiff
structure. The Dosojin are what can be called simple as they aren't like the
other two branches in terms of scholars and warriors. Their abilities lie in
many areas or what they call roads.

Roads are what others would call trades, but not all roads relate to trade.
Sometimes they can be scholars or warriors. Yet, for the majority of the
branch, the roads are trades of all kinds. There's a sense of teacher-student
relationship among them, though not only with ordinary clan memebers, but
from Hetman to branch member as well. Because they excel in trades, this
branch is welcome by the Fukurokuju and Hachiman to produce for them various
materials they need. This in turn keeps the Dosojin steady and able to
support their trades in order to consitently produce. The Hetman of this
branch leads by example for the most part and imparts wisdom where asked or
needed. Rarely are there any problems as they have a strong sense of
community and connection.

Following their own path is their means of reaching nirvana.

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