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There are currently two ways to earn extra-credit from your Wiki activities.

First way: journal updates and mission summaries. Your character may earn 1 pVote per every substantive entry, for up to 4 pVotes in a single month. Journal updates are done by writing IC journal entries for your character. Mission summaries are quick announcements posted on the appropriate village's bboard, or the IC Events board if it fits better there, informing the MUSH of what has happened in a recent mission. Mission summaries stack with journal updates, so you can earn pVotes from at most 4 (2 journal updates + 2 mission summaries, etc.).

Second way: be an artist. Additional XP and pVotes may be earned if you produce
character drawings for other players, as a substitute for scene logs (see +news logs). The number of awarded points (if any) are based on the caliber of the artwork. Awards are on a case-by-case basis.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please @mail Ultima.

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