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Creating a Wiki page is helpful to both your character (you get pVotes!)
and the MUSH. The more Wiki pages we have, the greater the library of
information for the MUSH's outside resources.

To join the Wiki (which you must do to create your own page), simply go to and scroll your mouse over How To, and
then click Join this Wiki! Once you have been accepted to the Wiki (and
remember, there are TWO stages of acceptance: one for WikiDot, and one for
NarutoMUSH Wiki), return to How To, and click Make a Page! Simply follow
the instructions there, and you'll be on your way.

Once you've completed your Wiki page, @mail Ultima stating what
you need graded (wiki, journals, or art).

Here is a sample template you can use.
(Not required, just suggested.)
1. Character Submitting For:
2. Submission Type: (Full Wiki Submission, Journal Entries, or Art
3. Extra Notes: (If it's art, who did you make it for? Doesn't count if
it's for your own character or alt. Other notes you may deem necessary.
This is a good place to inform us if your art is commissioned or not.)

In a few days, you'll be awarded pVotes based on the rubric below.
(Don't forget: the amount of effort you put into making your Wiki page
directly affects your rewards.)

- Profile Section:
o Background - 1 pVote

o Personality - 1 pVote

o Appearance - 1 pVote

o Information Box - 1 pVote

(Continued in +news wikiprofile2.)

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- Extra Points:
o Relationships: 0 - 2 pVotes: 1 if it's there, 2 if it's exceptional
(exceptional means working links to other profiles, or other snazzy setups)

o Theme Songs: 0 - 2 pVotes: 1 if it's there, 2 if it's exceptional
(exceptional means imbedded video links, or other nifty setups)

o Stat Charts: 0 - 1 pVote: 1 if it's there

o Char Pics: 0 - 2 pVotes: 1 if it's copied, 2 if it's commissioned art

o Skills: 0 - 2 pVotes: 1 if it's there, 2 if it's custom
(custom means manually maintained setups, or original displays)

o Missions: 0 - 2 pVotes: 1 if it's there, 2 if it's custom
(custom means manually maintained setups, or creative displays)

o Journals: 0 - ? pVotes
(1 pVote per substantive entry, up to 4 pVotes in a single month)
(Note: when submitting journals for monthly approval, please mention which
journals are to be approved.)

* An example of an exceptional Wiki page:

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