+news Yamayuki

Village: Kumogakure

Trait Point Cost: 20

Starting Bonuses:
+1 Ninjutsu (Stat)
Sound Manipulation (Skill)

Kekkei Genkai: Nejigan Transformations

The Yamayuki originated in the far northern reaches of the Land of
Lightning, in an area of the world thought to populated only by animals.
The small, isolated village subsisted mostly on fishing in the frozen
lakes, hunting, and gathering what sparse vegetation existed. As such, the
village never grew large, as it could not support large numbers. They used
tools and weapons mostly made of carved bone, as it was the most abundant
resource available to them aside from the pine trees, and they favored the
use of the bow, and the spear. They have their own language, as they were
so isolated, though they have learned the world's common language.

About thirty years ago, a young warrior of the tribe became lost during a
blizzard. He walked for days, unbeknownst that he was heading away from his
village, not towards it. Several weeks later, he was discovered by a
Kumogakure patrol squad. On the verge of death, the warrior was taken back
to Kumogakure. It took the warrior much time to recuperate, and though he
missed his village, the new place he was in fascinated and intrigued him,
and he wound up staying longer than he had expected. During that time, the
warrior learned of the ninja ways, and - more importantly - of Chakra.

Through the use of Chakra, the warrior eventually learned to harness a
mild latent ability of his clan: predicting avalanches. Eventually, he
found that his pupils changed into spiral shapes, and that he was able to
actually see vibrations in the air, giving him sonar vision. This allowed
him to refine his reaction times and reflexes greatly. He also learned, in
time, to use his Chakra to actually manipulate these sound waves. The
warrior eventually returned to his village, and taught his people the ways
of Chakra.

Though clan members do have a slightly heightened sensitivity to sound,
they do not have access to their Kekkei Genkai unless they achieve a great
amount of focus, and harness their Chakra. As one progresses through their
training, several ranks of Nejigan become accessible. These ranks are: Ichi
Nejigan, Ni Nejigan, San Nejigan, and Shi Nejigan. For more information,
please see +news nejigan.

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