+news Yotsuki

Village: Kumogakure

Trait Point Cost: 30

Starting Bonuses:
+1 Taijutsu (Stat)
+1 Seals (Stat)
Lightning Manipulation (Skill)
Lightning Style Taijutsu (Skill)

Hidenjutsu: Lighting Release Armor

The Yotsuki were the clan instrumental in ending the constant feuds
between various groups of ninja in the Land of Lightning. They also
assisted the first Raikage in consolidating the power of all those ninja to
form Kumogakure. Their views, motives, and demeanors can vary greatly, and
there is no such thing as a "usual" Yotsuki. Most Yotsuki are fiercely
independent, and even the clan rules are seen as guidelines rather than

While the Reizei are the favored clan of Kumogakure, and the Saito are the
loyal clan, the Yotsuki are the powerful. They are the most potent of all
the clans in the Land of Lightning. The Yotsuki are characterized by their
dark skin and their overwhelming skill with the Lightning Element. Though
not all Yotsuki are fighters or powerful ninja, those who are happen to be
capable of extremely destructive attacks and superior defenses.

The major power of the Yotsuki lies in their Hidenjutsu: Lightning Release
Armor (+news lra). This Jutsu is kept absolutely secret, and only the most
potent of Yotsuki ninja are taught the details of how to use it. The rest
of the clan makes do with their special fighting style of Lightning
Nintaijutsu. Nintaijutsu is Taijutsu that relies on Ninjutsu to augment its
techniques. This melding of Jutsu with physical prowess allows for
overwhelming force to be unleashed in battle. The only short-coming of the
Lightning Nintaijutsu fighting style is the high cost in both physical
stamina and Chakra. To this end, those who plan to use Lightning
Nintaijutsu alone often go through endurance training to push them beyond
the limits of normal ninja, thus providing a greater pool of energy to draw
upon. Most Yotsuki use a combination of Taijutsu and Lightning Manipulation
to fight most enemies, and only fall back on Lightning Nintaijutsu if they
feel it necessary.

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