Aburame Kuroji
Aburame, Kuroji
Birthplace Land of Fire
Birthdate November 3rd
Gender Icon-Male Male
Age 16
Height 5'4ft/162cm
Weight 122lbs/56kg
Blood Type Athletic
Kekkei Genkai Kikaichu no Jutsu
Classification Academy Instructor
Areas of Expertise Ninjutsu and Insect Control
Clan Icon-Aburame.png Aburame
Affiliation Icon-Konoha Konohagakure
Team None
Ninja Rank Chuunin
Ninja Registration 004791
Academy Grad. Age 11
Chuunin Grad. Age 15
Nature Type
Element Icon-Wind Wind (Affinity)
Father Aburame, Ussa (Deceased)
Mother Aburame, Yuroso (Deceased)
Brother Aburame, Tesuro (Deceased)
Uncle Aburame, Ryu (Deceased)
Grandfather Aburame, Shen
Signature Jutsu
Kikaichu ku Arijigoku
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Kuroji tends to be a spunky care free and friendly person. Despite his hardships he never quits smiling, as for his temper, he has a fuse longer then most anyone.


Kuroji Aburame appears to be in his mid teens. He stands striking at about five feet three inches tall. His dark hair is a mixture of black and blood red and has been cut so that it can be easily pulled back, somewhat into a pony tail. His eyes are hidden behind a pair of reflective, dark blue tinted shades. The tip of his left ear has a small black chain that hangs down to his lower cartridge. His arms are covered in small raised holes, starting at his wrist running up to his elbow, obviously holes for his Kikaichus to enter and exit the hive. His build is sleek and muscular for someone of his size, his skin is slightly pale and covered in various scars.

The most noticeable is of course the large "X" in the middle of his chest. A few other small scars marr his skin in random spots, the color of his skin causing the scars to appear almost silver in color. Inked up his neck, from his chest, and across the left side of his face is a blood red tattoo, appearing to be almost tribal in design that runs up and across his the bridge of his nose ending right below his eye. Shining when light catches them, is his nails which have been painted a midnight black.


He is currently wearing a black long sleeved shirt, that fits loosely around his form and is tucked into his pants. Around his legs is a pair of heavy cloth pants that are rather loose with no pockets and have been died a faded gray. Hanging loosely around his neck is his forehead protector, the cloth a light blue, the metal identifying him as a ninja from "Konohagakure". Oddly enough no shoes wrap around his feet, though often times he can be seen with a white cloth wrapping around his feet, only covering is ankles and heel though. Wrapping around his upper half is a high collared black long coat, that covers all of his other clothing. A small floral pattern in black thread has been embroidered into the bottom of his black long coat and also on the left sleeve, not really noticeable unless one was looking.

On each shoulder their is a small patch of a Ying-Yang on it, however instead the small white and black circles have been replaced with small white and black, Kikaichus. He can almost always be seen with the collar of his coat covering the lower portion of his face and his reflective sunglasses on. The front of his coat buttons up with small wooden toggle buttons, a blood reddish in color, which close as they are looped through small leather straps. Though three smaller wooden buttons are on the coat, two on the side pockets and one as the upper button on the coat's high collar.


Misc-kik1.JPGMisc-Kik2.JPG Misc-kik1.JPGMisc-Kik2.JPG Misc-kik1.JPGMisc-Kik2.JPG Misc-kik1.JPGMisc-Kik2.JPG Misc-kik1.JPGMisc-Kik2.JPG

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