Birthplace Land of Fire
Birthdate June 21, 13 B.F.
Gender Female
Age 21
Height 5'6
Weight Not Heavy, not telling!
Blood Type AB
Kekkei Genkai None
Classification None
Areas of Expertise Taijutsu, Mercenary, Small Squad Tactics
Clan None
Affiliation None
Team No Team
Ninja Rank Wanderer
Genin-Equivalent Age 9
Chuunin-Equivalent Age 14
Nature Type
Element (Affinity) None
Element (Secondary) None
Father Setsuma
Mother Chieko
Signature Jutsu
Double Battoujutsu

Hi! Welcome to my wiki thats about me, Aimi the Swift! Hey, wait a second? Whats a wiki? Oh, its a page about me on the internet? But, whats an internet? Its something you use a computer for? Wait, whats a computer? OH! We don't have those? Then how is this being seen? I ask too many questions? I'm just to answer the questions asked of me? Alright, I'll be professional, and answer them, but still how are people going to know that I answered them? S-sorry. Ok, I'm ready now.





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