Akakawa Shinta
Akakawa, Shinta
Birthplace Land of Wind
Birthdate 09-06-04 A.F.
Gender Male
Age 9
Height 4'3"
Weight 62 lb.
Blood Type A-
Kekkei Genkai The sands hold many secrets… This is one of them.
Classification Medical Student
Areas of Expertise Medical Ninjutsu
Clan Akakawa
Affiliation Icon-Suna
Team N/A
Ninja Rank Student
Genin-Equivalent Age TBA
Chuunin-Equivalent Age TBA
Nature Type
Element (Affinity) TBA
Element (Secondary) TBA
Mother Kara
Father Soma
Signature Jutsu
Disruption Palm

"All medications come with some form of side effects, mine are purely intentional and so I hope you are an ally. That way you shall receive only the best of care."
- Akakawa, Shinta


As long as medicine has been around, medics have been there longer. Some of the oldest families date back so long before they war times that they could tell age-old tales of when they struggled to sell remedies for anything beyond cures for the common cold or minor infections. The Akakawa clan could tell such tales. As is common in the desert, the Akakawa are largely a nomadic clan of medics which is what sets apart the small family that settled in the lands that would soon become the lands of Sunagakure. A short two years after the village's completion the quiet couple serving as medical ninja birthed an heir that they named Shinta, in hopes that he would grow to do great things. If there was anything that could be marked as strange about the family that settled, it would be that they were very private about their personal lives, liking to keep to themselves rather than going out and rarely having other families over for dinner.

Shinta as a young boy at the age of four, showed an interest in mixing medicines and helping stock the shelves with supplies, the permission of his parents to help in the clinic officially was permitted. Shinta was happy to take part in any way he could even though it was mostly just administering aid through helping patients with taking pills, packing orders of medicines at the counter, or watching his parents using their hands to heal people. They'd say it was chakra but also that it wasn't easy to do, however that wouldn't deter the young boy was trying to watch closely and attempt mimicking them whenever he possibly could.

In the years that followed, the Akakawa familiy's young heir was raised to be fairly quiet; not working to stand out in anything beyond his ability to mix medicines which his family often distributed from their small in-home clinic. If the young boy had any aptitude for Chakra, it did not show even as he grew to the age of eight. It was not until someone came into the clinic while Shinta's parents were out purchasing supplies that a Shinta needed to do more than just hand out medicine. The ninja that entered the family clinic had been badly injured in a mission and was left with a severe wound gaping across their abdomen. Being used in conjunction with his family's medicine to slow the bleeding and help the wound to begin healing the young boy did something his parents had always talked about but never actually tried showing him how to perform.

While his ability was crude and not as refined as his parents, the young Akakawa was still recognized by his parents and some of the hospital staff as being a capable user of medical chakra and was permitted to spend time in the hospital when the doctors were not busy learning from them about his new found ability whenever he wished to. It was with their help that the young boy began to develop more as a user of medical chakra, and it was also where he learned that it could be used to not only heal, but also to alleviate pain through manipulation of the nervous system. Of course, just like relieving pain, the doctors warned that extensive knowledge was required as improper use of the special chakra traits that the boy ad could lead to someone being forced to endure serious pain, convulsions, or worse..

Eventually, Shinta grew to want more than to just learn about things involving medicine and wanted to practice it, however the hospital staff seemed wary of allowing a curious child begin taking on the role of a doctor so suddenly and his parents were more than enough for their small clinic. With both of those avenues closed to him, Shinta chose a slightly more proactive role to medicine… by becoming a medic nin he'd be able to treat people in the field before they ever needed to see the inside of a hospital, possibly saving lives of those too injured to survive a trip home. Of course, in order to become a medic nin, the boy would need to become a nin-ja…

The academy was always accepting of willing students, or at least that was what Shinta was hoping it would be like. Hopefully the academy would give him a chance considering he wasn't trained to fend off Genjutsu yet and his fighting experience was… well… he could fight his way out of bed but that was the extent of it.


Shinta is a quiet boy by nature, trying not to trouble others with assisting him and working hard to solve things on his own so that he knows how to aid others. Though his family does not try to stand out and make itself something to be proud of beyond being simple medics, Shinta still takes great pride in being one of the Akakawa and insulting his family line is one of the few things that can bring him to anger. While not unique at all, Shinta is a child and has the same curiosity of such with little knowledge of self-restraint when it comes to his curiosities.
Likes Reading, rain, supper, and studying.
Dislikes Troublesome people, loud situations, and people that are indirect in what they say.
Hobbies Mixing medicine, learning new methods of mending wounds, and studying the human body's reaction to various stimuli.


A short mop of pale hair is offset by Shinta's darker tone of skin that comes from a bloodline of desert dwellers called the Akakawa clan. Eyes the color of the desert he was born in are set in the young boy's face and often always exploring the form of whoever he can catch within his gaze. A lean build of muscle covers the short boy's body and shapes it into that of someone who at least keeps himself healthy though the exact detail of his muscle mass is hidden beneath his a pair of full length dark toned pants that cover his legs and are tightened by laces crossing up along the sides.

His upper body is defended by a long sleeved mesh shirt beneath a short sleeved t-shirt. His upper body bears the added covering of his woven funnel-neck poncho that defends him from the baking sun of the desert and keeps him warn in the frozen nights. Wrapped about his head is a bandanna shown when his hood is withdrawn to reveal the purple cloth with the long lengths of cloth hang down before his left ear. That bandanna is decorated with red, yellow, and white beads decorating the ends.

In addition to his clothing the boy wears a pair of scroll carrying pouches on his hips and one pouch across the back of his waist that contain various supplies, dominantly of the medical persuasion. For the rest of his supplies… the child seems to over compensate with a large cylindrical duffle bag that he wears like a backpack for carrying the other various supplies he might need. Surprisingly it does little to hinder his movements when he's adventuring.

Name Relationship Rank Notes
The bandit. Expert thief. He robs me every time he sees me, but also calls me his friend and has - on more than one occasion - saved my life.
The strange old man. Retired Shodaime Kazekage. A strange individual with a deep interest in the application of genjutsu on REDACTED, though he did teach me about the basics of genjutsu perception which helped me pass the academy exam the following day.
The Genjutsu Genin. Genin. He has offered to train me in the art of Genjutsu to help future patients as well as to cripple enemies with minimal threat to myself and others.
Bird Boy. Genin. A nice person as far as I can tell. He helped me get some orders in from the shop when I wanted to afford tools for training..
The Kazekage. Kage. A seemingly kind person that is also the head of the village and the one responsible for issuing my first mission.
Malik The Bird man. Genin. I met this person in prison, this would be bad if not for the fact that I was there too, on a mission. He is skilled with a bow and seems to like my ideas on ways to expand his archery.

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