Akimichi Ikari
Akimichi Ikari
Birthplace Icon-Fire Land of Fire
Birthdate 11/15/5 A.F.
Gender Icon-Female Female
Age 7
Height 50.5 inches
Weight 114 lbs
Blood Type B +
Kekkei Genkai None
Classification Mascot! (But nothing official)
Areas of Expertise Wrestling!
Clan Icon-Akimichi Akimichi
Affiliation Icon-Konoha Konohagakure
Team None yet!
Ninja Rank Genin
Genin-Equivalent Age 5
Nature Type
Element (Affinity) Unknown!
Mother Akimichi Urako
Father Akimichi Torazo
Brother Akimichi Naizen
Sister Akimichi Eiko
Brother Akimichi Masafumi
Sister Akimichi Toshie
Brother Akimichi Seishisai
Signature Jutsu
Multi Size Dodge I

Ikari is a ball of energy and cuteness! She's the youngest student in her academy class at the moment and anyone who meets her says there is potential in her (after they get over the initial shock usually). She's ready to barrel her way through any task she's given, so she can get home in time for her mom's cooking!



Koton-chama was the nickname Ikari's mother gave to her, she always joked that it was because Ikari was her smallest piglet. Though there isn't much that is small about Ikari, the people she knows as enemies are one of them. Her friendly smile often opens the doors to most people's hearts, and her fiery spirit and stubborn determination would win over the people who were slower about warming up to her. If someone still didn't like her very much even after all that, she doesn't let it get to her. Even if they had nothing but bad or critical things to say, she would have had to of made some difference in their life to be on their mind at all. That was good enough of a start for her to not let it make her sad. There isn't a food in particular that Ikari would turn her nose up to, because her mother taught her that there are no bad foods just bad chefs. She likes to play with the dolls she makes in her spare time, and when she is with her friends she enjoys creating games for them to play. Granted most of the games can be rather unimaginative, such as tag or hide and seek, but sometimes she goes out of her way to make much more intricate games for them like scavenger hunts to find their lost dango (which mysteriously gets stolen from Ikari just before they reach the end of their quest). She loves helping out people older than her with her errands, and adores when they give her attention. She doesn't adore it quite as much when the attention is in the form of trying to get her to sit down to discuss something 'smart' but she still appreciates it.


This young child is very stout with a rounded belly and plump limbs. It is difficult to tell how much of the weight can still be attributed to being baby fat. She also seems to move about with a slight waddle in her step. She could be estimated to be a few inches taller than four feet, and it is more than obvious that she is heftier than most her age. Her hair is long and reaches down the middle of her back. Parts of it have been made to spike with some gel-like substance, with the exceptions of a couple of long locks by both of her ears and what is tied back in a draping and puffy pony-tail. She has large brown eyes that haven't grown into her face yet, and a big rounded nose. Two purple X's that are tilted askew have been painted on both of her cheeks, markings that are common amongst the Akimichi clan no matter how varied they might be.

She wears a grey vest with the Kanji for 'food' drawn in red on the front of it, and beneath the vest there is a blue padded coat with similar material bracing some parts of its sleeves. Even though her pants were meant to be long they come just short of her ankles, exposing her bare feet and pudgy little toes.


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