Akimichi Noab
Akimichi Noab
Personal Information
Birthplace Land of Fire
Date of Birth 6/7/12 (52 as of this RL date)
Age 57
Height 5'
Weight 276 lb.
Hair Color Faded blond
Eye Color Grey
Combat Information
Rank Jounin
Position Akimichi Clan Head (retired)
Elemental Affinity Earth, Fire
Areas of Expertise Taijutsu, Tactics
Team None (yet)
Signature Techniques
Akimichi Style Taijutsu
Oversized Weapon Style
Human Bullet Tank
Earth Dragon Bullet
Swamp of the Underworld

Drill Sergeant from every genin's nightmares (or so he wants you to think)



Akimichi Noab is the former head of the Akimichi clan. He spent his youth as a wandering mercenary ninja, seeking conflicts and selling his services to whichever side he judged to be in the right (or closest to it). In time he established a strong reputation, not only as a ninja, but also as a military leader. A life of warfare will inevitably have a high cost, though, which for Noab took the form of injuries accumulated over the years. In particular, he lost his left eye and has a limp in his right leg.

At age 40, Noab decided to retire from mercenary work and return to his clan. Not too long after, the Great Ninja Wars caused Noab's experience and leadership abilities to shine forth within the clan, and he was elevated to the position of clan head. When the Hidden Leaf Village was formed, Noab saw the potential for stability and peace. The Akimichi clan joined with the venture, and today Noab works for the prosperity of both his clan and his village, though he recently retired from the Clan Head position.

Full History


I'll Make a Man Out of You from Mulan

Noab tends to be very brusque and insensitive. This is partly a front, but a lot of it is that he really is a crusty old crab. He's also stubborn. His decisions are typically correct, but on the occasions when they're not, it's very difficult to convince him otherwise. He's accustomed to making tough choices for the greater good, and will sometimes settle for a sacrificial solution to a problem when a little more thought would bring something more ideal. On the plus side, Noab is unshakably courageous, unswervingly loyal, and unstoppably determined when he decides on a goal.


Akimichi Noab is a large man, but much moreso in girth than in height. It may help to think of him as a gigantic dwarf, a foot or so shorter than the average man, but far outweighing the same. Closer examination may reveal that part of the reason for Noab's lack of height is a slightly stooped posture. His stocky legs are usually bent at the knees, and he tends to favor the right one. His arms are nearly as long as his legs and very beefy. Like most Akimichi, Noab has a prodigious belly, although it is not terribly flabby. Noab's jaw is wide and square, but a bushy white beard with a faint yellow tinge makes it difficult to see just how much so. The beard connects almost indistinguishably with Noab's hair, which rings around the back of his head but does not cover the top. Noab's skin is brownish, partly from heredity, but mostly from long exposure to the sun. Noab's left eye is covered by his Leaf forehead protector, and the other is a metallic grey in color.

Noab wears the typical navy-blue jumpsuit of a Leaf jounin. The only difference from standard uniform is that he wears not shinobi sandals, but formidable-looking leather combat boots. Noab typically carries with him a large battle-axe. A brass handle has been affixed to the top of the axe's shaft, allowing it to double as a cane.


We Will Rock You (Remix) by Queen

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