Akimichi Tosai
Akimichi Tosai
Birthplace Land Of Fire
Birthdate Feb. 1
Gender Icon-Male Male
Age 18 Years Old
Height 6'8
Weight 378 lbs.
Blood Type O positive
Hidenjutsu Multi-Size Technique
Areas of Expertise Espionage, Training, and Taijutsu
Clan Icon-Akimichi Akimichi
Affiliation Icon-Leafsymbol Konohagakure
Team Team 4- Leader
Ninja Rank Jounin
Ninja Registration 1116198
Academy Grad. Age 10 years old
Chuunin Grad. Age 13 years old
Nature Type
Element Icon-Earth Earth
Father Akimichi "Babado" Tsutani
Mentor and Shishou Monk Kokezaru
Best Friend and Feeder Nara Tsihiro
Student and Genin Teammate Katsuko Daichi
Signature Jutsu
Mass Expansion Dodge

Trying to make a fresh start, I intended Akimichi Tosai to be a show of how even a former bad guy can make a positive change. This characters rp will not be focused on what has been done, but what is being done. The process of this former killer as part of him trying to make up for the sins of his past will be what will drive rp for him, and those who choose to get involved with who he is. Akimichi Tosai is an admirable guy, but will he have what it takes to undertake the path of righteousness and stay there?



When you encounter Akimichi Tosai, expect a handshake or a pat on the shoulder. He is a guy, like most Akimichi, that comes of as a real chum. He will treat you to a meal, probably want to arm wrestle you, or even be willing to give you a fight if the situation craves for it. In some moments, one can sense a bit of regret in his eyes, his talks often will show him seeming to drift off into memory of past mistakes. He likes kids, and he loves to teach, often staying with his students until they get it. And as a ninja, he is extremely protective of comrades, often stepping in the way of whatever possible effort the enemy puts forth.

Tosai, however, because of his own past, has a lot of things deep down inside, that can make him pretty scary. He is a recovering rage-aholic, a berserker who his hard to stop once he gets started. He has a temper that can over rule his judgement very easily, and just as easy as it may seem to be his friend, it can be very easy to make an enemy of him. Tosai, has an acute sense of paranoia, and at more psychotic levels, it can prove dangerous for any who are around him in a given situation. Like more war veterans, there are moments where the Akimichi brute will seem shell shocked, as if he had been in a battle from a long forgotten past.

Another aspect lies in a part of the Akimichi Chuunin's want to leave his past behind him. Many stories one might hear Tosai tell, will often have a sense of regret eminating from them. He is very appologetic of the things he has done in his past, and in many ways, has not learned to forgive himself for them. He can be very self loathing at its most extremely, but even then, it takes a situation of grave circumstance to bring him to this state of mind. This mindset often brings about the want to try and fix situations which may remind him of his past, before both memory and the present become alike


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