Amaro Nanimo
Amaro Nanimo
Birthplace Amaro Town
Gender Female
Age What are you implying?
Height Tall enough.
Weight I'm gonna hurt you.
Blood Type On the inside.
Kekkei Genkai N/A
Classification Rude
Areas of Expertise I've got a PhD… in KICKING YOUR ASS.
Clan Amaro>
Affiliation Team Nanimo
Team Nanimo, Nanimo, and Nanimo.
Ninja Rank Chuunin
Ninja Registration 5393931-TE
Academy Grad. Age ???
Chuunin Grad. Age 18
Nature Type
Element Unknown
<Insert Relationship> Amaro Clan
Signature Jutsu
Hem Slash

Amaro Nanimo is a Chuunin of Sunagakure. Though whether or not she deserves to be is a topic of gossip amongst the village. Unusual for her loud, no-nonsense attitude, Nanimo is one of the most promising users of the Steel Cloth Style of her generation. She has a very high success rate on her missions, known for her ability to get the job done, so long as the job involves plenty of violence and not too much subtly.


Nanimo was one of the youngest members of the Amaro clan to pit herself against Sousa when he came to try and win over the Clan to his new village. Like the others, she was utterly humiliated by the Kazekage's skill. But she refused to accept that failure, and demanded, even at that young age, that the Clan go with him, so that they could learn to better themselves under him, and one day best him.

She joined Sunagakure as a Genin, and throughout her teen years demonstrated and built upon her scary taijutsu talent. Her ability only grew, and although she wasn't much use on missions which require subtly, as a legbreaker… there's few better. She was geared towards particular missions, working to kill, hurt, maim, or break things on behalf of the Village.

But she did do very well, and she did shout an awful lot, so eventually, she was promoted. But what can you expect from a taijutsuist?





Nanimo is the sort of person who would rather solve her problem with fists rather than words. Although she understands ninjutsu and genjutsu, she doesn't have any patience for what she considers the 'soft' arts. You never run out of fist, after all, and she loves her work.

Although Nanimo obeys orders given to her, she rarely does so unquestioningly. She always thinks she knows better, and she's not one to keep her mouth shut. But when she's given an order, she will see it through with every scrap of her body.

One thing that Nanimo could never be accused of being is a liar. She considers her word of honor to be more important than anything else. If she says she'll do something, she'd usually rather die than even begin to hesitate.


03/07/2010. Nanimo moved from Outside Sunagakure to the Village Entrance.


Making her awesome jacket even more awesome and also deadly.

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