Amaro Rita
Amaro Rita
Original Art
Birthplace Sunagakure
Birthdate 1/30/2016
Gender Female
Age 17
Height 5'2"
Weight 1337
Blood Type O-
Kekkei Genkai None
Classification Ruins Hunter!
Areas of Expertise Hunting Ruins, Taijutsu, Scrollwork, Tailoring
Clan Amaro
Affiliation None
Team None
Ninja Rank Ruins Hunter: Professional
Genin-Equivalent Age 10
Chuunin-Equivalent Age 14
Nature Type
Element (Affinity) Wind
Element (Secondary) Lightning
Brother Amaro Santoku
Cousin Amaro Jiro
Signature Jutsu
Steel Cloth Style: Steel Cloth Yoroi

Amaro Rita, whom is known as Ashura Rita, is an explorer and ruins hunter. Her passion is finding places people have not been in a long time, or places not often tread.


Scribe, tailor, thrillseeker! This is the life of Amaro Rita! A life she has yet to achieve. Rita was never a part of a 'Hidden Village', but she has a lot to thank hidden villages for. Her skill and prowess had to come from some foundation, and that foundation was born alongside her. She was born as a twin to a brother, Amaro Santoku. From birth, their destinies were already decided. Santoku was to be sent to Sunagakure to become a ninja. Rita was to stay at home and become a home-maker, learning how to craft her family's special cloth. Her parents, Kazu and Moroko, pushed their respective children to do various things that was to be their role. Santoku was trained rigorously as a shinobi from the start. So heavily, that there was nothing else but his art. By the time he entered the academy, some said he was already strong enough to stand toe to toe with a chuunin. Rita? Rita was left doing… home-maker things. Learning to write, learning to cook, learning to craft cloth. What her parents didn't realize is that Rita and Santoku were the opposites of the roles they were given in life. Santoku was actually a soft individual at heart, who wanted to stay at home and open a tailor's shop. Rita? Rita was not destined to be a little housewife! She was destined to get out and go places! At the young age of 10, Santoku and Rita made a deal. Now that they had received heavy training in their particular areas, they finally determined that in order to pursue each others dreams that they would teach each other. The result would have surprised their parents had they been in on their little deal. As it happened, Rita had a far better affinity that Santoku for the art of the Amaro. She was far more graceful than he was when performing the combat arts of the clan. Santoku himself had far more of an eye for design than Rita ever could have. At the age of 11, he even opened a clothing store after he had become a genin! Both Rita and Santoku could not quite swap their roles completely. Despite the fact that Rita had learned much of the basics of the Amaro clan by the time she had reached fourteen, she was forbidden to join the academy. Even though she had learned all of the basics that one usually learns at the academy, and was incredibly adept at focusing her chakra, she was refused from the exciting life of the shinobi. Not only that, but her time as a home-maker was coming to it's fruitful beginning. She had been arranged into a marriage! A man far off, with no concern for her well-being. She was a tool for her family, to continue the line of the Amaro family. It would have been a life of stagnation. Wasting away with the sole purpose of having children and cooking for someone…

That wasn't going to happen. The second stage of the life of Rita happened on route to the wedding. Walking along among the desert sands, Rita had concocted this as the moment to strike. Her wedding outfit, made completely of the special Amaro cloth, was tailored by her to fit her for just this occasion. She used that dress to heavily wound the escorts before they even knew it was her, and run off into the desert. There began her story. Given her parents had no idea that she could have possibly done this, much of her training had been done alone with her brother, Rita. The story that was written was that desert raiders had taken Rita. A pity for her family…

…For Rita, the journey has only yet begun. Despite having more training than most genin under her belt thanks to her brother, she still isn't safe from the woes of a world she had envisioned traveling. She has a lot of work to do to achieve one of her many dreams. To dive into every ruin, to visit every city, and to take the knowledge she has gained to create an extended map of the world. Probably already done, but she doesn't seem to care all that much. She is now two years into her journey, and she has already visited many regions in the far west, which is the direction she originally went when she escaped her arranged marriage.

Rita's progression in skill since she has left has come from her adventures. While she isn't quite as strong as a chuunin, like her brother was, she has been to places and enough awkward situations to use muscles she didn't know she had. Her life has made it so that she has had to be flexible. She picked up many of her current tricks from her brother, even those dealing with scroll mastery. Rita has gone from ordinary, to becoming slightly more than ordinary. She hopes to make a name for herself someday.


Rita is the adventurer, not the most ladylike of ladies. She has become sort of a pickpocket as she has walked her path. Despite having the ability to make money, and certainly not being lazy as far as the places she goes, she has quick fingers. She has a reputation in the Land of Trees for being the 'Quickfingers Queen'. She has made powerful enemies in the Land of Trees as a result of this, which is going to bite her in the bottom in the end. Despite being a great pickpocket she likes to avoid wealth like it's the plague. She has a rather loud and strong personality. She likes to get into the middle of things she is often not invited in. This makes her quite sociable. She is a lover of alcohol, but can't drink a thimble without dropping into a near-death coma. Once she has traveled the world, she wishes to try dancing while she is still young. Her taste in food is terrible, and against all tradition, she hates presentable foods. She'd rather drink it quickly in a big meaty slurry and get back to moving around. Yikes.


Official Desciption:
A cheery and confident girl faces you. She isn't particularly tall, and seems to have peaked growth at 5'2. To make up for her 'shortcomings' she appears to rather lithe and athletic. Short Brown hair adorns her head, relatively unkempt and barely reaching longer than her ears. Her bangs are brushed aside, with a stray bang that randomly curls upward. Those bangs are -supposed- to hide pretty blue eyes! They decide not to. Her skin color is a usual untanned tone. She doesn't appear that out of the ordinary. Don't worry. Her clothing will change your mind.
Main Outfit:
Like any attention-seeking individual, she is adorned in all sorts of colors. The first motif you might be awe-inspired by is the color scheme of her thigh-length Kimono. The Kimono is held together upon her by various strings tied into ribbons that keep the garment closed. Along the hems, the kimono is black. The sleeves of the Kimono are also black. Aside from that, her kimono is a blazing orange that fades into a deep red from top to bottom! Aside from the white slip she wears underneath her kimono, she wears black long-socks, as well as more common tabi. Fitted around her waist, is a jade colored sash. A very -long- jade colored sash. At first glance, this might seem to be a clothing accessory, but her hands are near it at all times seemingly ready to whip it off as if it were a weapon. That isn't even including ribbons that are tied into a bow on her arms with extra long tails that seem to touch the ground. After a while, you start to wonder if she is a ribbon fanatic or not.


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You're not going to get many AMVs here. This is where I put music that I pop open into Youtube when I need to set the mood for my character. Expect music that makes good traveling.

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