Arai Junko
Arai Junko
Birthplace Land of Water
Birthdate 4/17/2 BF
Gender Female
Age 12
Height <Insert Height>
Weight <Insert Weight>
Blood Type AB
Kekkei Genkai None
Classification None
Areas of Expertise Puppet Technique
Clan Arai
Affiliation Symbol-Kirigakure Kirigakure
Team None
Ninja Rank Genin
Genin-Equivalent Age 12
Nature Type
Element (Affinity) Icon-Water Water
Signature Jutsu

A genin of the Village Hidden in the Mist and student of the Puppet Technique. She is cold, quiet, and dedicated.

"I pull the strings, and the show begins."





Ninja Journal

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Skills And Abilities

RP Logs

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