Inuzuka (Asano) Soren
Inuzuka (Asano) Soren
Birthplace Land of the Moon
Birthdate August 5th
Gender Male
Age 25
Height 5'11"
Weight 196 lbs
Blood Type O+
Kekkei Genkai None
Classification Blacksmith, Villager
Areas of Expertise Summoning, Chakra Control and Kenjutsu, Acceleration Ninjutsu
Clan Inuzuka
Affiliation Konoha *retired*
Affiliation Kumo Resident
Ninja Rank None
Genin-Equivalent Age 10
Chuunin-Equivalent Age 14
Jounin-Equivalent Age 20
Nature Type
Element (Affinity) Wind
Sister Shiina
Sister(ish) Ayame
Fiance Hyuuga Yuuki
Aunt(?) Emi, the sage Fox
Signature Jutsu
Flow of Battle
Rending Chakra Strike

Asano Soren, an adopted member of the Inuzuka clan, and also a dedicated blacksmith. He's always been a bit on the noble side. Always tried to push the idea of respect, and being polite no matter where he was, which has gotten him in trouble as often as not. He absolutely hates people who rely on their titles, and he isn't afraid to piss people off to make a point.


~☽ Background ☾~


~☆ Personality ☆~

Soren is very confident in himself. He always is. It's part of his charm. If he's not confident, he's panicking, or he's angry, both very dangerous things for everyone around him. He naturally tries to assume roles of leadership, beleiving that soft voice, and a big stick are the Ideal way to keep the peace in any situation. He tries to be polite, often times to a fault, but isn't above joking around to releive the tension. Brash, and somewhat impulsive, he beleives that thought and action must be tempered evenly, and is constantly weighing against himself, making him a rather unpredictable strategist. He's a firm beleiver of good vs. Evil, and beleives himself to be a champion of good, in some ways. He's always looking for ways to help people, and has centered his goals in life around the Idea that if you help someone, you will be rewarded for it in some fashion. He always tries to avoid killing, especially if it's ordered, beleiving that by sparing peoples lives, you avoid future resentment, and retribution from their loved once, possibly preventing future conflicts, although he knows it's a futile effort.


~☽ Appearance ☾~

Asano Soren is a young man, looking like he's in his late teens. His features are soft, with short, messy white hair, and pale blue eyes. His skin seems rather tanned, and his body fit, if a bit unimpressive. His Right arm has clearly been removed. The prosthetic replacement currently in it's place, however, is a work of art to those who know the craft. Crafted beautifully by what must have been a master artisan.

His clothes are are mostly consistant of a thin white sleevless vest, with a dark, sleevless shirt underneath it. He wears a wide belt, with a pair of dark grey baggy pants, fading to a deeper black towards the bottom. He also has a pair of sleeves running from his elbows to his wrists, one side extending into a fingerless glove, with a plated back. His clothes seem very well worn in, despite their fine look, and his shoes look like he's been walking in them for weeks straight, but otherwise he looks like he takes very good care of his clothing, and himself.

There's a distinct lack of Ninja equipment on his person, but he carries himself with the air of confidence beffitting someone of high station, and skill.

(Note: Image from Pre-arm removal)

~☆ Relationships ☆~


~☽ Personal Journal ☾~


~☆ Skills And Abilities ☆~


~☽ Mission Logs ☾~


~☆ Theme Song ☆~

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