Asura Kinami
Asura Kinami
Birthplace Land of Rain
Birthdate 09/03/07 B.F.
Gender Female
Age Sixteen
Height 159cm
Weight 42kg
Blood Type AB
Kekkei Genkai Unknown
Classification Wanderer
Areas of Expertise Researcher - Specialization in the Bloodseeker Swallowtail (Butterfly)
Clan Asura
Affiliation Unknown
Team None
Ninja Rank Wanderer
Student-Equivalent Age Six
Genin-Equivalent Age Nine
Chuunin-Equivalent Age Eleven
Jounin-Equivalent Age Not Yet Achieved
Nature Type
Element (Affinity) Unknown
Element (Secondary) Unknown
Mother Unknown - Deceased
Father Unknown - Deceased
Signature Jutsu
Origami Bloodseeker

I am Asura Kinami - I have studied what most would never come close to for fear of death. I have turned their grace, their beauty, and their deceptive charm into weapons - they have become the tools of my trade. With their teachings - I survive.

What has Transpired

Kinami had a fundamentally flawed youth as she grew up in the Land of Rain. It was not that she was not a happy child, for she was. It was her homelife that lacked the sort of concreteness that a child should have. Her father, a chronic gambler, was somewhat abusive towards both Kinami and her mother. Her mother, while being abused, sought a way out – drugs and various paraphernalia. She got heavily into psychedelics in an attempt to escape her own suffering. This left Kinami to fend for herself more often than not.

Fortunately for Kinami, she met a man, a researcher, when she was still quite young. This man was named Kenichi. While Kenichi had some shinobi training, he was far more interested in his research into a particular breed of marsh rat common to the Land of Rain. These marsh rats were rather interesting to Kenichi as they displayed many traits of a complex society structure for such a small and unintelligent critter. Kinami, who often followed the kind, old researcher around in his exploration of the marsh rat habitats, ironically grew fond of one of their natural predators – the Bloodseeker Swallowtail.

Kinami began learning the fundamentals of research from her friend, and from there she began to study the butterfly that had caught her attention. The thing that set the Bloodseeker Swallowtail apart from most other butterflies was that it did not maintain a pollinating lifestyle or one closely tied with consuming sugars produced by plants, but was far more carnivorous than their other brethren. The marsh rat that Kenichi was studying happened to be a common food source for the butterfly. The Bloodseekers would hide beneath large leaves where they would wait, searching and waiting for prey. More often than not, they would stalk marsh rat habitats, waiting for them to appear – particularly during rainstorms when the rats would hide beneath the leaves to avoid the falling water – and would strike

The Bloodseeker Swallowtail hunts with a potent neurotoxin that causes temporary paralysis and a semi-hypnotic, hallucigenetic state. Once the rats were intoxicated, they would become highly delirious, at which time the Bloodseekers would emit a very pleasant, musical tone by rubbing their legs together, creating a pitch like a tuning fork. This tone would cause the marsh rats to follow them to a desired location, where the swarm would descend, devouring and laying eggs in said marshrat.

From her research into the Bloodseeker, Kinami would develop the entirety of her person. At heart, Kinami was a sweethearted girl with good intentions, not unlike the butterflies that she studied – maintaining a very nice relationship between each other – but on the outside, Kinami adapted a front of manipulation, deception, and cunning in an attempt to protect herself from the harms of the world. She would turn her new identity onto her parents, first. Her father, she injected with the neurotoxin extracted from the Bloodseekers, after which she extracted the location of all of his remaining funds via hypnotic suggestions. Once acquired, she held him hostage with his own money, using his addiction against himself. Her mother was no different, she acquired and managed her drug supply, and by doing so, she attempted to rebuild her family.

Unfortunately, Kinami lacked experience, and was far too young to truly manipulate to such degrees with such dangerously addicted humans. Her mother committed suicide shortly after as she began to have withdrawals from her drugs, and following her mother’s death, Kinami’s father was beaten horribly after failure to pay off his gambling debts. His wounds would later claim his life, leaving Kinami as alone as she often felt.

She did not stop there, however. She was picked up by Kenichi’s friend who took her in and began to instruct her in the ways of the shinobi so she could defend herself and eventually make a living. During this time, Kinami’s obsession with the butterflies caused her to pursue a method in which she could replicate their habits – to become one of them. The techniques she learned were paper manipulation, in which Kinami combined her origami techniques with her knowledge of the Bloodseeker to create physical swarms of paper-butterflies that were fundamentally the same in appearance to the butterflies themselves.

Combined with the toxins she was synthesizing and extracting, a minor amount of genjutsu, and the paper manipulation, Kinami became a relatively talented shinobi at a fairly young age. Years of training and honing particular skills afforded Kinami great strength, and despite having no formal shinobi training like those of the hidden villages, Asura Kinami was a powerful shinobi in her own right, more than capable of handling most confrontations. However, she eventually bored herself of her local area and began to travel outwards from her home, eventually coming across a man named Tenshin – a horrible drunk, for all intents and purposes, who she began to take advantage of. Via manipulating him, she amused herself, and began traveling to the Land of Moon with him.

A Window to One's Soul

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A Mirror Shows the Truth

Asura Kinami is an attractive girl for the most part, at least some people would agree. She sports a pretty face, framed by long, black hair with bangs trimmed short enough to stay out of her eyes, with fringe hair that falls to her sternum and locks that drape to her hips. Her eyes are a luscious amber with perfect lashes, and eyebrows that are impeccably manicured into thin, pleasing lines. Her lips are thin, able to portray the most devious of grins or the most enticing of smiles.

Kinami's body is lithe and toned; slender and graceful, not one that would be strange to see on a dancer. Perfectly proportional in terms of torso to limbs, even with her smaller stature she still seems taller than she actually is. With narrow hips to accent a small, plush rear, long, slender legs, a flat and toned belly and a thin torso augmented with a deliciously modest bust, Kinami cuts quite the figure.


The girl wears a pair of raised-heel shinobi-boots that give her an extra inch or two of height, with thigh-high stockings lost amid the swirl of her black psuedo-kimono skirt. The skirt, when in motion, does little to cover her legs as it is slit entirely from the ankles to the waist along the outside and only provides full-coverage when standing still, making it rather revealing when it any non-standing position.

Also, she wears a dark purple and white sleeveless halter-top style kimono with an open back and detached sleeves banded onto her upper arms with small ties. Along with the Kimono-top, she will often wear a white scarf as well as a wide-brimmed straw-hat to conceal her face if she deems it necessary.

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What has Transpired

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A Look Into the Past

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