Bayonetsu Gana
Boynetsu Gana
Personal Information
Birthplace Desert Wastes
Date of Birth Yes
Age Old enough, you punk!
Height 5'11
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Grey
Combat Information
Rank Chuunin
Position Far away from a mirror
Elemental Affinity Wind
Areas of Expertise Genjutsu
Team Coming Soon
Favorite Jutsu
Coming soon

Bayonetsu Gana is a Chuunin of Sunagakure, and considers that position to be the most important aspect of her life. Having suffered greatly in the name of the village already, she has cultivated a somewhat uncomfortable reputation around the village for being an incredibly private person.

Recently, however, she's begun to start socializing in the village more generally. She does not have much time for politics, however, considering Sousa's judgment to be the highest authority.


Gana's early history is not known by many, but her services to the formation of Sunagakure are a matter of public record.

Gana was sent to try and negotiate with one of the more barbaric tribes in the desert, as a woman who had a natural gift for words, and whose loyalty to Sousa was beyond reproach. Unfortunately, the tribe was not much interested in negotiation. They carved up her face badly, and left her to crawl back home through the desert.

This experience has twisted her features badly, and she barely survived. The village was grateful for her sacrifice, however, and thus, although she was too weak to be made a Jounin, she was allowed to become a Chuunin, and has spent much of the last few years dealing with primarily administrative duties.

Recently, however, an unexpected conflict with some bandits reignited her interest in perfecting her skills, and so she has begun to train herself again more seriously. Not a prodigy, or a genius, even in her specialist field, her experience, however, means that she can at least be useful to the Genin of the village. How far she will actually get herself remains to be seen.


In a single word: Devoted.

In more than a single word, Gana considers her obligation to the village to be the most important accomplishment she can achieve in life. She is not overly sensitive about her twisted features, although they have ensured she has a rather cynical outlook towards romance, and the dangers faced by even rookie ninja.

Gana favors nonlethal approaches towards other ninja, because she believes that this courtesy may be extended in kind. She does consider ninja of all stripes to be several orders of magnitude more important than 'ordinary' people, though. She can show a quite stunning lack of regard for the lives of civilians, when necessary, and rarely bothers to hold back against bandits or criminals. Perhaps because of her past experiences.

Politically, Gana considers Sousa to be infallible. It is her private belief that the council are, really, irrelevant, and should not get in the way of Sousa's decisions. She will not allow slights against Sousa to go unanswered. That is one of the few quick routes to her bad side.

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