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The Character Profiles page is the section of Naruto MUSH Rivalry's wiki that serves as an index for the characters on the MUSH -- past and present. It is not required that one create a character page or make use of the wiki to play on NMR, but there are benefits that may come with doing so, as well as simply the satisfaction of having a record of your character's IC deeds, thoughts, skills, and so forth. It can be fun to be creative with designing a character page in its own right.

There is a template available for new character pages that will allow one to simply start making one's own character pages without needing to know a great deal about wiki-coding. However, it may still be confusing for the inexperienced. Some aid in understanding the wiki page design process can be found in the link below.

To learn how to setup your character page: CLICK HERE!!

  • If you're already versed in properly creating a character page, type in the character's name (with his or her family name FIRST) and then either press the Enter key or click the "New Character" button.
  • For those interested in creating a Team Profile page for their ninja teams, you may do so simply by typing in the name of the Village your team exists in or is affiliated with, followed by "Team" and the # of your team. Please keep in mind that the "gakure" part means "Hidden" and thus one only needs to type the actual Village's NAME. For instance, "Sunagakure" means "Hidden Sand", and thus a Team centered in the Sand would be "Suna" not "Sunagakure".

EXAMPLE: If one were creating Sunagakure Team 05, one would type "Suna Team 05" and then either press enter OR click the "New Team" button.

You may use the text field below to input your team's name (in the format of "Village-Team-##"):

  • NOTE: Inactive characters will have the tags on their pages adjusted so that they do not register as a population tally. It is easy enough to change this back when one's character is once again active, but if there is any confusion, please contact a Wiki Staff member or a Wiki Moderator.




















Konohagakure, Village Hidden in the Leaves

  • Clan Heads
mvncjtm.png 8oX2RNB.png
Inuzuka Taiki Senju Tobiramako
PQCAlh7.jpg Char-Kuroko-1
Uchiha Kurome Aburame Kuroko
  • Notable NPCs
Uzumaki Mito ??? ??? ??? ???
  • Retired Characters (ICly Active)
Akimichi Noab ??? ??? ??? ???
  • Jounin
tIyIWc7.png YBi4k0q.png sr2vEi2.png YlrVMwj.png
Nara Shintaro Uchiha Hinotori Inuzuka Atsuro Nara Satomi
Inuzuka Kaido Inuzuka Hige Uchiha Narusegawa Akiyama Kenta
Satonezu Eremi Uchiha Tsugumi ??? ???
  • Chuunin
Aburame Etsu Maito Kyo Madarobi Sarutobi Akinori Satonezu Ataru
Sarutobi Zankuro Uchiha Ryo Uchiha Isura Uzumaki Haruka Aburame Kouchuuko
Namikaze Nonon Rankoro Rinoko ??? ??? ???
  • Genin
Aburame Kyoko Aburame Liao Akimichi Ikari Akuu Myouri Hyuga Hitomi
Hyuuga Jetachi Hyuuga Noriko Hyuuga Raishi Hyuuga Shizuka Hyuga Tsukiko
Ishikawa Isamu Kataras Toshio Kazutowa Tsuchiri Kirryu Kajiru Kirryu Rorika
Maneshi Nagai Matsumi Yuuko Nara Minashigo Nara Tatsuo Zori
Sarutobi Hikaru Senju Eishi Uzumaki Konda Senju Soku Uchiha Atorei
Uchiha Kenji Uchiha Kyu Uchiha Mayu Uchiha Shun Satonezu Daichi
Inuzuka Naomi Inuzuka Mikage Akimichi Shoji Uchiha Suzu Aburame Hiroshi
Hyuuga Jien Yamanaka Katsumi Hatake Saori Satonezu Motoko Hyuga Aru
??? ??? ??? ??? ???
  • Students
Nara Kimiko Nakoto Izara Kannon Sodai Den Uzumaki Raui
Uzumaki Jun Senju Youmu Hyuga Yishimotsu ??? ???

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