Daeshiro Maikeru
Daeshiro Maikeru
Birthplace Land of Demons
Birthdate May 23
Gender Male
Age 24
Height 6'1
Weight 200
Blood Type O Negative
Kekkei Genkai N/A
Classification Jounin
Areas of Expertise Fuuinjutsu
Clan N/A
Affiliation None
Team None
Ninja Rank Jounin
Ninja Registration 97428978
Genin Equivalent 7
Chuunin Equivalent 12
Nature Type
Element N/A
Mother Deceased
Father Jigoku- Deceased
Signature Jutsu

"Stand aside, or die like the rest."


After returning as a Jounin of Kirigakure, Maikeru seemed much himself, yet very exhausted. Though many didn't know it, including some of his close friends, he was actually hearing Jigoku's voice and seeing him, despite him actually being gone. Being Jigoku was already sent to the Void, this was actually a psychological problem, which he has since been cured of after a visit with a pair of talented Medical Ninja. It seemed things were finally looking up.

However, on a mission to a desert island far south east of any of the Great Five Shinobi Nations to repair a seal that closes a door containing some very dangerous creatures, Maikeru was reportedly poisoned and wound up actually being locked inside the seal himself. The details of how he escaped aren't clear, but many assume the creatures got back out and were distracted enough with massacring the monks on the island that he had time to fully repair the seal. When he was found, he had only recently recovered from starvation in his time behind the seal, as well as the poison, but he is now in much better shape. Since then, though, it seems he has decided to drop the act of attempting to be too nice of a person, as the shoe never really fit, and has begun allowing his darker, much more dangerous and dominant side, his true self, to show.


Since his return to Kirigakure after his mission to repair the seal containing the Crawler, Maikeru seems to have stopped putting up a mask and trying act so nice. His personality has shown to be much darker than before, cold and dominant. He has ceased to fight his nature and begun to embrace his true self, the demon inside and the power it brings. While many of his ideals are the same, he no longer fights against his nature to accomplish his goals.


Maikeru is a handsome young man, standing at about 6'1" tall, appearing to be around twenty four to twenty five years of age. His build is quite muscular, showing that he spends quite a bit of time training to improve his strength and agility. Though not disproportionately huge, his build is quite impressive. His silver hair parts in the center of his head, reaching down to his shoulders. The man's skin is tan color, showing that he has spent plenty of time in the sun. Shockingly blue eyes stand out a bit amongst his features, darkness radiating out of them as they stare coldly out into the world. Across his right eye, a scar from sound kind of sharp wound forms a diagonal down from his forehead down to the middle of his cheek. 

Over his torso, the man wears a white button-up shirt, covered by a black vest. The sleeves of the shirt are ruffled and appear to have two layers, the lower one reaching most of the way down his biceps. With the shirt unbuttoned down to where the vest's pieces meet in the center, a portion of his chest is revealed, along with a rather jagged-looking scar. The vest is outfitted with several clasps and a pouches for kunai, shuriken, and such. One rather large strap around it clasps together across his stomach, holding the sheath of his katana on the back. Black pants cover his legs, tucked down into boots made for combat. 

The most outstanding feature of this man, when it is not covered by a sleeve or glove, is his right arm, because it it blood red, and has a fiery symbol glow upon his hand, which is mostly covered by it, always having an eerie red glow to it. 


Other than training, fighting, and going to war, Maikeru has been known to have a few hobbies on the side. He has often been spotted cooking his own meals, fiddling with art and music, as well as writing poetry. Mostly known is the poem he wrote when he was recovering from his injuries sustained at the hands of Uma and Kaede and trying to regain his memory. He often quotes in passing and sometimes in battle.



Newborn Jigoku sealed in arm. Trained in Land of Demons
Age 7 Genin equivalent
Age 12 Chuunin Equivalent
Age 15 Jounin
Age 20 Land of Demons ANBU
Age 21 Left Land of Demons and wound up in Kiri
Age 22 Started the Onryou and later left Kirigakure
Age 23 Returned to Kirigakure as Jounin

Journal Entries



While he is no slouch in Genjutsu and Taijutsu, Maikeru's true talent lies in Ninjutsu, particularly Fuuinjutsu. The power of Jigoku sealed in his arm provides him with a rather excessive amount of power in this area. There are times it seems this power makes him invulnerable to attacks. It's been said he has at least one technique that could wipe out an entire area.

Theme Songs

This song represents how Maikeru feels about how things were in Kirigakure under Hikan's rule, as well as in other places where the powerful bring strife and chaos into the world on a whim, senselessly killing for no real reason.

This song applies to Maikeru in that he believes that all people should be free to choose their own way. He has fought his entire life to keep his own personality free of Jigoku's influence. Now that Jigoku's soul is gone, he is more able to live his own life.

The meaning of this song will be partially left in mystery. Maikeru holds much dark power within him and has proven himself to be quite deadly. Perhaps one day his true purpose will be revealed.

Onryou Theme Song

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Mission Log

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