Daremo Nanami
Birthplace Sunagakure
Birthdate 18th April
Gender Female
Age 18
Height 5'2
Weight 118 lbs
Blood Type A
Kekkei Genkai None
Classification Chuunin
Areas of Expertise Infiltration
Clan None
Affiliation Sunagakure
Team None
Ninja Rank Chuunin
Ninja Registration 2810098
Academy Grad. Age 12
Chuunin Grad. Age 18
Nature Type
Element Water (unused)
Father Daremo Taiyo
Mother Daremo Puru
Signature Jutsu
<Insert Technique>

Daremo Nanami has just been around in Sunagakure for most of her career. An unremarkable ninja with little real talent for ninjutsu or genjutsu, and a specialist in the unglamorous art of beating people up with a staff, her reputation has only recently blossomed. Having earned her rank by posing as a maid, Nanami is now cursed with the distinction of being… The Maid Ninja of Sunagakure.


Nanami learned to handle a staff defending her father as a child. Her talent for roughing up the many people that her father owed money to attracted the attention of the academy staff and she was soon trained. Whilst she demonstrated a stunning lack of facility with chakra, she was good enough to pass… and her taijutsu skills were very potent.

She failed to achieve any glory throughout her career as a genin, mostly used for various menial tasks around the village itself. She finally obtained some recognition when she disguised herself as a member of a Lord's serving staff in order to murder him.

And since then she has become known as… the Maid Ninja of Sunagakure!


Nanami has a complex personality. She is extremely proud of her status as a Chuunin, even if she is embarrassed about her ridiculous reputation. She believes strongly in the notion of a ninja as a loyal servant of the shadows, but she is conflicted about the role of the ninja village as an entity compared with serving an individual Lord.

She is a young woman who has never had much time for romance or building friendships, and she is flustered easily by young men around her own age. She appreciates skill… but at the same time, she dislikes flashy displays of power for their own sake.

Nanami does feel like she has to really work to prove herself as worthwhile because she is not a member of a ninja bloodline and has no real remarkable skills herself.


Daremo Nanami is a pretty girl. Standing at just barely over five feet tall, with darkly intense black hair, kept in a long ponytail, and deep blue eyes. She also tends to attract attention because of her… unconventional dress.

The girl is wearing a maid's uniform, with some minor alterations. The first is that the outfit is made of significantly tougher cloth than the norm, although it is no less black and frilly for that. The second is that wrapped around her left arm, where it can easily be removed if necessary, is a forehead protector of Sunagakure.

It is likely that this woman, in her fastidiously clean clothing, and her bright, sparkling black shoes… is the so-called Maid Ninja of Sunagakure. A subject of no small amount of ridicule amongst her peers, though she tries to bear it with a stoic grace!


Diary of a Maid Ninja.

12/06 - Dear Diary, today I was promoted to Chuunin.

It is sort of a big deal. I wasn't expecting to be promoted… ever, really, but the people I was working with were kind of incompetent I guess. Eh. Whatever. Hopefully people will start to take me seriously from now on!

12/06 - Dear Diary. Wah.

13/06 - Well, today was interesting.

I was going about my usual chores when I met Kuroke Kuoroke. The Council Member interrupted me in my work in order to talk about how I felt about my promotion. It was a little strange, really. It felt like he was testing me.

I hope that I passed. It feels peculiar to be treated as though I matter, but that is what is happening! He has assigned me new duties more in keeping with what a Chuunin is expected to do. It is good to feel like I am helping the village.

If I am honest, I do not know if I will live up to his expectations, or the expectations of everyone else. My taijutsu is extremely solid… but my ninjutsu is barely acceptable for a Genin, and my genjutsu, even just seeing it… is even less than that.

I have decided that I am going to search out someone who can help me counter these weaknesses. My elemental nature is water, which… is hardly common out here in the desert, but there must be someone who can help me learn to harness it.


Various staff related techniques. More to come when they are approved!

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