Doihara Ishino
Doihara Ishino
Birthplace Land of Wind
Birthdate 11/17/8 BF
Gender Male
Age 16
Height 6'4"
Weight 125 lbs
Blood Type AB+
Kekkei Genkai None
Classification Seven Swordman
Areas of Expertise Genjutsuist and Puppeteer
Clan Puppeteer
Affiliation Kirigakure
Team N/A
Ninja Rank Chuunin
Genin Age 11
Chuunin Age 16
Nature Type
Element (Affinity) N/A
Element (Secondary) N/A
Mother Iyo
Father Masayoushi
Brother Tatsuma
Older Sister Nagi
(adopted) Younger Sister Saisho
Signature Jutsu
Solemn Moment

A genjutsuist that uses an unusual tool to enhance his capabilities, that of a puppet.



Ishino was born the middle of three kids. Masayoushi, his father, was a respected shinobi within Kirigakure when it was first established. His mother, Iyo ran a clock store within the village as it grew, keeping time for those who needed such things. Nagi, Ishino's older sister followed in their mother's footsteps, helping with the store and making some almost world famous pocket watches.

When Ishino got close enough to age, he wanted to join the shinobi like his father. Taking a pocket watch as a gift from his sister for joining the academy, Ishino was quick to adapt to the shinobi life style. While not as strong or as fast as the rest, he was smart and able to use his intellect to form illusions to fool the rest. His best effect was the henge, which also got him into plenty of trouble as he grew up through the academy.

Graduating from the academy, Ishino was offically a genin. Working with his first team, he developed a fondness for strategy and tactics. The pocket watch that he had from his sister was modified to hold some of his prefered tools. He also learned how to manipulate the illusions he used to twist time on others, causing them to either miss a moment, or extend a moment indefinitely. Due to his high chakra control, he was able to start forming a tool that became more and more elaborate. Within the center of it was a precisely tuned clock, the link between it and the pocket watch he carried down to the exact gear movement. With a lot of assistance from his sister, he was able to figure out how to manipulate the chakra he had into strings, attaching them to key locations within the tool to make it functional. Growing further, working constantly with his other team members in various low end missions, Ishino was finally able to get a fully functional puppet.

The power he put into it was able to amplify the illusions he used, the clock's ticking a perfect underpinning for the illusions he would play on others. Finally reaching the age 16, Ishino had proven a reliable and solid genin. Recently, he'd been promoted to chuunin, the promotion coming in just before the exams were announced, leaving him juggling learning the new requirements of his rank, plus assisting Kirigakure with further security for the exams.




Ishino is a very polite teen. While hardly one to belittle others, Ishino constantly would observe and judge the actions of others and how they might be interacted with and if necessary, strike at the foundation of their weakness to give a needed opening. Very loyal, Ishino understands that the life of a shinobi is a lonely one, often conflicting with the desire to have others in his life and the fact that they or he, may some day be killed. This can come across some times as Ishino being kind of bookish. Otherwise he mostly keeps his potentially biting comments to himself.




Daytime and Mission wear:

Standing at 6'4" tall, this teen has a lean look to his figure. Long black hair is swept back in that haphazard wind-blown look. A slightly long face had piercing red eyes that stared at the world with a bored expression of having seen it all before. Encasing his body in all black is an elaborate looking tux. Polished shoes with an almost mirror sheen encase his feet, leading up to those black slacks. The coat tails frame his hips, that over coat of the tux displaying a white shirt under it, with a black tie neatly held in place with a clip. On his hands are white gloves that seem to be a part of his suit when dealing with combat. He also has a gold chain clipped to one of his pockets, the pocket watch a golden metal disk, with the elaborate workings inside it allowing him to keep track of time. There is an extra elaborate amount of scroll work on the inside of the pocket watch's lid, revealing to those who can detect such that it is actually a storage location much like what would be on a scroll.

Evening and off duty wear:

A carefully tailored full silk kimono graces this tall teen's form. Slender in build, the kimono's design is curled much like that of the yin yang symbol. It leaves the black dot on the left side, above his heart, the white dot down and to the right of that. wooden sandals lifts him above the debris of the ground, adding another good 2 inches to his already 6'4" height. Solemn red eyes gaze about him, a certain look about them seems to indicate that he's already seen it all before. Black hair is swept back, a low ponytail tracing over the hem at the back of his neck. He also has carefully clipped to the center of the black dot a gold chain that weaves it's way inside the kimono. When pulled, it reveals itself to be attached to a carefully made gold pocket watch.




Do you really want to know what Ishino thinks of you?

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Theme Song

This mirrors what Ishino does with his own puppet, the manipulation of others in different forms to draw the situation to a satisfactory conclusion.

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