Ekiguchi Satoru
Ekiguchi Satoru
Birthplace Sunagakure
Birthdate 12/22/8
Gender Male
Age 18
Height 5'8"
Weight 145 lbs
Blood Type O+
Kekkei Genkai None
Classification None
Areas of Expertise Taijutsu
Clan None
Affiliation Sunagakure
Team None Yet
Ninja Rank Genin
Genin-Equivalent Age Started at 12
Chuunin-Equivalent Age N/A
Nature Type
Element (Affinity) None Yet, though would likely be Wind
Element (Secondary) N/A
Mother Ekiguchi Hitomi
Father Ekiguchi Daisuke
Brother Ekiguchi Kazuo - Deceased
Signature Jutsu
None yet.

The shinobi of solitude.


Eighteen years ago a young man was born into the Ekiguchi family as a second child. His older brother quickly shunned him, determining that any second born must be inherently weak by comparison to the first child. Indeed, for quite some time it seemed that might be the case as the baby struggled to survive the first weeks of its life. Illness washed through it like a cancer, leaving its poor little body racked with pain. It was so much that it caused the child to cry all the time, with never a moment of peace for its parents. Its older brother never stuck around to deal with it, always running off on adventures into the unknown, as most young shinobi do. Kazuo was a trouble maker, but cunning and brutal. He cared little for anyone outside of himself. Thus his baby brother, Satoru, was left to his parents. He wouldn't tolerate spending time with a runt.

Satoru survived the ordeal at his birth, growing slowly but surely. He didn't grow in spurts like his older brother did, but instead grew gradually, slowly increasing in stature. In some periods he was called short. In others he was tall. It all depended on who grew faster, him or his classmates. Regardless, there was a certain characteristic about the young Ekiguchi: he was quietly intelligent. Some called him shy for his lack of a talkative nature. It wasn't that he didn't like to talk, though. He simply didn't care to spend all of his time talking because he often found that he sounded rather full of himself. His intention was to have people like him, and not think of him as Kazuo's stuck up little brother. He adored his older brother, even though Kazuo never wanted anything to do with him, but he didn't revere him as an idol. Kazuo was a heartless monster. Satoru could see that, but he still loved him.

As time went on, Satoru grew stronger. Like his brother, he was drawn to Taijutsu rather than Ninjutsu or Genjutsu. Neither of the latter two ever sat well with him. It wasn't that he couldn't do them, it was simply that he didn't have the strength of chakra to do them effectively. Instead, he focused on what his family did know: physicality. His parents ran a sushi shop. Satoru spent his free time lugging around sacks of rice and running to get whatever it was his parents needed him to get. There was never a moment for slowness with him. He was always running and so never had time to do much else. It was good exercise. It didn't take long for him to surpass his brother's speed, if not strength. While Kazuo had age and experience on his side, Satoru was the runt, and runts always grow to be the biggest if they survive their early life.

Satoru always managed to make friends, despite his not being overly talkative. Those friends would train with him, and a few of them showed him how he could enhance his moves. Not simple enhancement of just a single move, but they showed him a particular style that, when he attempted, seem to flow through him as if it were his birthright. Intrigued, he quickly began studying everything he could about the style, wind element taijutsu, which seemed fitting for the village that he came from. If he wasn't going to manipulate sand, which they had an abundance of, or rock, it might as well be wind. He preferred wind anyway. It was a free flowing thing, which never let anything stop it. If a mountain got in its way, it chewed it down over time, wearing the sharp edges away. Wind was something unstoppable, and that made him feel confident.

He began practicing using the air around him to enhance his attacks with his weapons. It was simple at first, him merely using the chakra to extend the range of his weapon, and its cutting efficiency. Simple though it was, it was certainly powerful, and he enjoyed the thrill of practicing cutting without actually having to make true contact with his target. It was almost a surgical precision, but he didn't have to be a medical shinobi, and he had no skill in healing arts whatsoever. It was about this time that he graduated to Genin. He immediately started undertaking missions at the age of 12. His calculating intelligence and physical fighting style proved invaluable to his team, and so long as he remained conscious they never failed a mission.

But they did fail a mission. It was a particularly important one for Satoru. His brother, now a Jounin, was sent on a particularly dangerous mission to bring down a group intent on destroying Sunagakure. Kazuo was the leader of the squad that was sent to deal with the threat, but he never returned. Satoru and his team were the closest group to the last known location of his siblings squad, and had been tasked with cautiously investigating. Their caution hadn't been enough, as they were attacked and forced to fight for their lives. Satoru survived, and managed to find his brother. They were making their escape when they were attacked again. In the fighting, Satoru was knocked unconscious. When he awoke, his brother was in three pieces nearby.

The death of his brother prompted him to being even quieter than he normally was. He refused to talk to anyone for weeks, spending his time alone, or reading whatever he could about Taijutsu so he could become stronger. The rest of his team had been killed so he was assigned to yet another team. There he has remained for several years, unable to force himself to go through the Chuunin exams for fear of leading a new team to death, but that may all change soon.


Satoru wasn't always the quiet type. When he was younger he used to run around with the other kids, causing a ruckus and making plenty of noise for everyone to hear. That was typical for children. As time went on, he remained that rambunctious kid, though he grew into his studies and also became a little bit of a bookworm. He got teased for it, but it was always good natured as he made lots of friends, despite slowly growing less talkative around them.

It wasn't until he made Genin that he got quiet. When his brother died he stopped talking for several months. Then he only started talking in short spurts. Now he'll talk more than he used to, though he still prefers to be silent and listen to others more than anything. He's a kind-hearted shinobi, always wanting to help people where they need it. He plagued by his past, however, and finds it difficult to focus at times. This fear of what happened before holds him back from advancement into his future. It will take a strong hand and many friends to push him forward.


The young man standing before you, appearing around eighteen, and standing at 5'8", has dark hair that hangs down the side of his head in controlled fury. Hazel eyes stare out from beneath bangs, watching everything around him. His mouth is hidden behind a half mask embroidered in red with the kanji for power and intelligence. He wears a form fitting maroon shirt tucked into maroon pants beneath a long, flowing black belt. Gray fingerless gloves adorn his hands and black tabi adorn his feet. He wears black shin guards and his headband is wrapped around his forehead.


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