Feng Fong Wong
Feng Fong Wong
Birthplace Unknown
Birthdate March 19
Gender Male
Age 21
Height 6'6"
Weight 245
Blood Type O+
Classification Wanderer
Areas of Expertise Hand to Hand
Affiliation Takokujin
Team N/A
Ninja Rank Monk
Signature Jutsu
Yet to be seen


Unknown to the Public.


Calm, collected and seemingly docile. Most times his intentions and body languages are hard to read as he doesn't show much emotion. Although intimidating to look at, Feng is not overly aggressive.


Standing at an impressive 6'6", Feng is the tallest member of the monk society he hails from. His garbs consist of a yellow chinese martial arts robe worn by the monks of the Tiger Fist style of martial arts with Black martial artist pants to compliment the attire. Feng also wear simple black slippers for easy movement and grip to traverse slick terrains, roads and trails that would otherwise by harmful to ones feet. His hair hangs to his lower back that tied in a yellow ribbon as well. He has two bangs that hang to either side of his face that give him a darker look than usual.


Age 3: Rescued by Kenshido Hudan from destroyed village

Age 5: Began training as a temple monk

Age 7: Became top student in the ways of the Tiger Style Kung Fu

Age:14: Becomes sucsessor of the School of Tiger Fist

Age 17: Passed off the title of master and headed out to make his own mark in history.



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