Fuma Taro
Fuma Taro
Birthplace Unknown
Birthdate 7/24/3 B.F.
Gender Male
Age 16
Height 5'6
Weight 136
Blood Type A-
Kekkei Genkai None
Classification None
Areas of Expertise Taijutsu/Kenjutsu, Shurikenjutsu
Clan Fuma
Affiliation None
Team None
Ninja Rank Wanderer
Genin-Equivalent Age 8
Chuunin-Equivalent Age 15
Nature Type
Element (Affinity) Unknown
Element (Secondary) Unknown
Mother Fuma Setsuna
Sister Fuma Asami
Father Fuma Shiroe
Signature Jutsu
Dual Blade

Taro is a a ninja who has now set off on his own path. One he plans to succeed at. He will save his father and prove to his family he doesn't need their protection anymore.


Taro is part of the Fuma Clan. His mother, father, and older sister have protected him as much as they can for most of his life, leaving him with not only a dependence upon them to do so, but a sense of inferiority that he eagerly attempts to disprove through aggressive, and sometimes reckless, glory-grabbing and risk-taking. He was only a small child when his family was still fighting in the Clan Wars, but even then, he was trained in combat arts.

Five years after his birth, the Hidden Villages were established, and his family, looking for new hunting grounds that weren't being dominated by the coalitions of Clans, began following a rumor of a near-mythical country known as the Land of Jade. He practically worshipped his father, seeing the man as everything a true ninja should be, and even more, everything a Fuma shinobi should be. His mother, while loved, often had to fulfill the role of disciplinarian due to his father's lax hand and devil-may-care attitute when it came to Fuma expressing themselves. This created some distance between Taro and Setsuna, which only widened over time.

Meanwhile, his sister Asami was always looked out for him, consoled him when things got rough, encouraged him, and listened to his problems that he couldn't speak of to his father. This created a very close bond between them, stronger than even most brothers and sisters have. Over time, he was able to feel Asami's presence long before he detected her with mundane senses. A latent Sensor ability or something else, he didn't know.

The journey through the Land of Iron was hard on all of them, Taro included, but he pushed himself over and over, his youthful enthusiasm making up for the relative weakness of his body compared to the others. The support of his sister, a figure of light to chase after as his beacon in dark times, carried him through. But keeping him on track also was his mother, with her battle experience, wisdom, and undying determination to safeguard her children, and a speech his father gave him when they'd first started out, and the journey had become painful and exhausting.

Taro had dared to complain, to ask for a chance to rest. And his father has told him, "Things will become harder from here. You will have to become stronger to survive. We can not carry you the whole way, nor would we expect you to carry us. But you must be able to carry yourself at the very least. Fuma survive on their own skills, their own wits, their own will. No one can be Fuma for us. We must all, individually, embody what it is to be Fuma. I will train you to become strong, but first you have to pick yourself up. Up off your knees, up out of the snow. March until you can't march anymore, and then go further. Prove to me that you can be the man I will proudly call my son."

This cemented in Taro's mind much of the philosophy that has followed him in the years afterwards. He picked himself up out of the snow, and he marched even when his lungs rebelled and he could no longer feels his extremities. And when he made it to a natural hot spring with the others, on his own power, he was proud of making it. The rest and recovery felt deserved, rather than handed to him. And his father looked pleased with him as well. And he wanted more of that feeling.

His sister was relieved he was okay, by comparison. And his mother was unhappy that her husband had forced her son so roughly. Not just physically, but psychologically. She feared what it would do to him. Taro didn't understand that. He just saw his mother as disapproving. And the gap between them widened.

Not long later in life Taro ended up in a situation where his father had to protect the lot of them. Their father seemingly sacrificed his own life to buy the others time to run, but Taro never believed that. He promised himself that he would become stronger so that he could go find his father. The samurai in these lands couldn't have killed him at least. Not in his mind.

They ran and ran and ran for a long time, and eventually had to hide in a cave when they could go no further. Taro had become extremely ill, and the cave served as an adequate hiding place at the time, where they could wait both for him to recover and for Taro's and Asami's father to meet up with them. During this time he felt like his mother wasn't doing enough though she really was working hard to keep the both of them safe. She was out setting up little hints to where they were and protecting them while Asami stayed back most of the time to take care of Taro. It only helped him decide that the mother was uncaring unlike his sister. As weeks passed, he eventually got better. He trained during his recovry to make up for the time spent lying around. But when the winter months were over and it was safe to travel again, they had to move on without Shiroe, despite Taro's dislike of that idea.

Taro and the rest of his family eventually made it to the capitol city of the Land of Jade. There was a tournament going on and it would be a good way to showcase their skills to the emperor to hopefully show why they would be good bodyguards. Though it would take more than just skill to get there it didn't hurt to win. Each of them entered the tournament with new identities and it didn't take long for them to spot that the strongest competition might be dangerous for them.

Setsuna, his mother, didn't think the other two should continue and insisted they drop out. To say the least Taro was outraged at the prospect, and openly spoke to his mother about how he could win if he needed to. But… something happened. His sister also being kept out of it came to comfort him, and he accepted as she had always looked out for him. He assumed she would let him go in and finish the tournament. Turned out his mother had convinced her to drug him, and he was falling asleep there using Asami as a pillow.

Taro woke up though. His will to fight overpowering those drugs and he stumbled his way out into the arena for his fight. What happened next was a brutal fight with a Taro barely in control of his body getting stabbed through his chest. A light chakra infused side step made it miss its target though. What came next was a quick slash of a tanto to deal with him as the blade was pulled from his body. He lived, but fell over in a heap. He nearly died that day.

The next time he woke up it was a good bit later. The first thing he saw was his sister's face, and he blinked a bit as he remembered what happened. He didn't believe she would drug him without their mother's direction, so that lead him to grow so distant that it crossed a line. He now knew that she was just holding them back and with his healing finished he asked Asami to leave with him. He didn't want to stay by his mother's side any longer. All she was going to be in their life was a barrier. His sister didn't come with him though so with a send off he left on his own.

Taro went off on his own and for sixth months he put himself through a brutal training regime. This let his skills mature in a good way as he felt ready to take a fight to these samurai, so that he could find and save his father. He somehow sensed (or believed he sensed) that Fuma Shiroe was still alive somewhere, and Taro dedicated himself to finding his father. After his training he got right to work taking out samurai outposts and taking down patrols all in search of info on his father's whereabouts. He hasn't found anything so far, but something he noticed interested him. One of the samurai had a poster of some tournament. It was the same one he went to over a year ago, and he knew that his family would be there. He decided to take a break from hunting for his father to head back that way. He knew if he was to win that tournament he could prove to both his sister and mother that he truly could do things on his own and that would convince them to help find their father.



Fuma Taro is a young man in his mid-teens, standing about 5'6" tall. He has short, straight black hair with spiked tips, with two sweeping bangs on either side of his face that extend down to his jaw. His eyes are a bright red coloration, and his trimmed black eyebrows over them give him a somewhat lofty or detached expression sometimes. He has an athletic build, but is fairly stream-lined, rather than posessing bulky muscles.

His outfit includes a cloth mask over the lower-half of his face, and down over his throat, as well as a long red scarf around his neck. A loose black dogi with red grim hangs partially open in front, with a blue cloth belt tied in front of him. Black hakama are cinched shut at the shins with red ties, and black boots adorn his legs down to the point of his dark-blue socks and sandals. Black arm guards sheathe his forearms and the backs of his hands, and a pair of sword sheathes at the small of his back grant him quick access to a katana and a wakizashi.


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