Birth Name Nagato
Aliases Fuu Ka, Koro, Amuro, others?
Birthplace Unknown
Birthdate Unknown
Gender Male
Age 122
Height 8' tall
Weight 420 lbs
Blood Type Unknown
Kekkei Genkai Munashiigan (Void Eye) Icon-Munashiigan
Classification Wanderer
Areas of Expertise Fuuinjutsu, Ninjutsu
Clan Fuchi Clan
Affiliation Icon-Tao-Shih Tao Shih
Team Team Amuro
Ninja Rank Unknown
Genin-Equivalency Age Unknown.
Chuunin-Equivalency Age Unknown.
Jounin-Equivalency Age Unknown.
High-Jounin Age 35
Nature Type
Element (Affinity) Earth Icon-Earth
Element (Kekkei Genkai) Yin Icon-Yin
Adopted Daughter Tomoyo
Daughter Uzumaki Shiiko
Clone Hei-Long
Wife Uzumaki Natsu (Deceased)
Signature Technique
Seal Technique: Mnemosyne

Amuro is a wanderer of sorts… Though he appears to be unaffiliated with any particular Village or Country he appears to have dark intentions towards others. He is easy to pick out in a crowd, due to his height, his clothing, and his habit of wearing a mask. Other than that, he is unrecognized as even existing by any official government or authorities.



Amuro is generally a gruff individual who rarely shows any emotions other than a sort of world-weary and annoyed attitude towards most people. He does not yell at people, and it is hard to tell whether he is angry, or sad, or happy, or bored. He generally speaks in the same voice tone regardless of the circumstances. He does appear to have a rather sarcastic sense of humor, so he is not without human characteristics.


A towering figure in a long black cloak, with short, spikey black hair on his head, stands here. His face is concealed by a black mask with a large red question mark on it. There do not appear to be any holes in the mask for this man's eyes, or any other openings for that matter. His black cloak has the design of red clouds on it. Both arms have metal mesh guards on the forearms, with hands left bare. Heavy-duty combat boots are visible on his feet, just below the end of the robe. On the palm of his right hand the kanji for 'memory' is somehow printed or tattooed onto his skin. All other details of this individual are concealed by his clothing and that puzzling mask of his…



A variety of advanced Seal Techniques, Summonings, and a number of unique — and sometimes odd — Ninjutsu. Seems to also have an affinity for Earth Release. Physically powerful and very tough, Amuro can handle pain and physical harm that would leave most others crippled or dead. He has so much Stamina and Chakra that most Sensor-Nin can detect him coming from miles away, unless he is currently taking steps to conceal himself.

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