Birthplace Land of Tea
Birthdate February 14
Gender Icon-Male Male
Age 13
Height 167.4cm
Weight 66.8kg
Blood Type B+
Kekkei Genkai None
Classification None
Areas of Expertise Martial Artist
Clan Kemonoken
Affiliation Icon-Cloud Kumogakure
Team Team Chimera
Ninja Rank Genin
Genin-Equivalent Age 12
Chuunin-Equivalent Age N/A
Nature Type
Element (Affinity) Icon-Lightning Lightning
Element (Secondary) Unknown
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Signature Jutsu



Genbu is gruff and often distant. Accustomed to being treated as a monster, also being raised to become one, he has horrid social skills and is ignorant to many norms. The boy is very confident in himself and hates to lose. He is also prideful and stubborn, dangerously so. His attitude towards others hinges on whether or not he recognizes them as strong. The boy seems rather lethargic and jaded with most things due to his upbringing coupled from the fact that he suffers from insomnia. However when angered or riled up his personality becomes much more deliberate and ruthless. He's often blunt and insensitive. Despite this though he's very perceptive and moderately intelligent, capable of picking up on things quickly. His pride often leads him to go against his better judgement however. Despite his 'lone wolf' attitude he has a boundless curiosity towards others. Even though he knows it's impossible he would like to experience what it is like not being a monster.

Likes Strong Opponents. Cooking (secret). Reading. Discovering new techniques. Strength.
Dislikes Naivety. People (in general). Cowards. Tricksters. Authoritative Figures. Help.
Hobbies Reading. Cooking (secret). Training.
Strengths Ruthless. Decisive. Intuitive. Indomitable. Honorable.
Weaknesses Hotheaded. Stubborn. Uncooperative. Prideful.


A body vividly defined with lean muscle and an athletic build contrast the young man's exhausted and listless expression. Standing a little over five and a half feet he possesses an intimidating build. He's by no means scrawny. Genbu has striking white medium length hair with powerful silver eyes. Ever present dark rings line the perimeter of his eyes. His eyebrows are a bit larger and hairier than most but aren't too noticeable behind his bangs. His skin, though tough, is a dull darker complexion almost and marred with scars mostly along the arms and legs. His nails are unusually thick and sharpened. They appear stained with a dirty bloody reddish color. His teeth appear to be sharpened as well.

He wears a grey loose fitting tank top that makes him seem slimmer than he actually is. The same could be said for his beige shorts. Black finger-less gloves match his sandals. It's clear he travels light not even equipped with a tool pouch. A red bandana is tightly tided around his left bicep. The cloud headband, on red cloth, is tightly tied to his neck which concludes his wardrobe.


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