Genzai Tsumi
Genzai Tsumi
Birthplace Land of Wind — Village Unknown (Destroyed)
Birthdate 06/04
Gender Female
Age 294
Height 5'10"
Weight 150lbs
Blood Type AB Positive
Kekkei Genkai N/A
Classification N/A
Areas of Expertise Taijutsu
Clan None
Affiliation None
Team None
Ninja Rank Civilian
Ninja Registration N/A
Academy Grad. Age No Academy Training
Chuunin Grad. Age 14 (Graduation from Shinobi Master)
Nature Type
Element Lightning
Mother Chichiro Aika (DECEASED)
Father Chichiro Toshiro (DECEASED)
Signature Jutsu
False Ninjutsu Style



Good Tsumi Personality


Tsumi's good personality is clumsy and adorable. She loves flowers and is always smiling and friendly, if a little dense. She's not very confident in a fight, and will more often than not try to run away from people who want to hurt her. Good Tsumi is a bit of a crybaby, and tends to burst into tears whenever someone is particularly mean to her, or she falls over and skins her knee, or even just because things just are NOT going her way for one reason or the other… but the water works are easily plugged up by sweets or flowers!

Evil Tsumi Personality


Tsumi's evil personality is a sadistic, genocidal character, who wants nothing more than to kill everything and everyone. She claims that it's to fuel her own life force, that it's necessary, but the truth is, she enjoys killing. Evil Tsumi hates shinobi, mostly because they tend to be too difficult to just kill outright and tend to get in her way at the most inopportune times. Unlike her good personality, Evil Tsumi is not a crybaby, and when something goes wrong, she's quick to get angry, and usually tries to remove the problem by ripping out the entrails of whatever pissed her off.



Tsumi's hair is long and dark, flowing clear town to the middle of her back in a perfectly straight cascade of midnight tresses. Her bangs are long, and partially conceal her bright gunmetal blue eyes, shielded from the world by a pair of round, fashionable glasses. Her features are cute, with slightly rounded cheeks, and a cute button of a nose, though her skin is a bit pale.

The skin of her face trails down to her neck, where it finally disappears into a turtleneck sweater, that manages to cover up her entire upper body, without much success in hiding her clearly feminine curves. While not the bustiest girl in the world, Tsumi's chest is quite prominent, pressing against the fabric of her sweater and stretching it just slightly without being revealing. The sweater makes no effort to cling to her waist, and instead falls straight down to her hips, where a long, ankle-length tanned skirt takes over the job of keeping her decent while in public!

Evil Tsumi is similar, but when the transformation takes place, Tsumi's hair and eyes are both drained of color, becoming gray.



Name Relationship Notes
Shuuren Benefactor Helped poor Tsumi realize that she has a horrible split personality! Has offered to help her keep it under wraps, and teach her to control her evil side… So far, it hasn't gone well.





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