Ghoul of the Desert
Ghoul of the Desert
Real Name Misu Yane
Aliases Blood Red Sandman, Smiling Jack, The Leather Apron, The Flesh-Stalker, The Zombie Alive, The Ghoul of the Desert, The Death That Walks
Birthplace Land of Wind
Birthdate Oct. 31, -148 B.F.
Gender Male
Age 153
Height 5'10" tall
Weight 74 lbs
Hair Color Yellow-brown
Eye Color Red
Complexion Withered
Blood Type Dry
Kekkei Genkai N/A
Classification Monster
Areas of Expertise Cannibal Skills, Creepiness, Food Preparation
Clan False Immortals
Affiliation None. Formerly Symbol-SunagakureSunagakure
Team None.
Ninja Rank No official rank. Wanderer.
Genin Equivalency Age 22 (Began training at 20)
Chuunin Equivalency Age 30
Nature Type
Element (Affinity) Icon-EarthEarth
Element (Special) Icon-DeathDeath
Mother Mirai (Deceased)
Father Misu Jiro (Deceased)
Older Sister Misu Ichiko (Deceased)
Older Brother Misu Ginra (Deceased)
Younger Sister Misu Niko (Deceased)
Youngest Sister Misu Sanko (Deceased)
Former Teacher Urufumaru (Deceased)
Alternate Self Misu Yane (Other World)
Signature Jutsu
Cannibal Skill: Smiling Jack
Favorite Techniques
Vanishing Facial Copy
Dirt Body
Cannibal Skill: Breath of Rot


A legendary monster that many had hoped was simply a story, the Ghoul of the Desert first appeared during the Clan Wars in the two decades preceding the end of that extended conflict. It has inflicted terror, pain, and death on the people (civilian, soldier, ninja, or otherwise) for nearly 30 years now. Even amongst those who have never directly encountered it, the fear of the creature itself has darkened the very lives of many. This is also not taking into account the pain resulting from friends, family, loved ones, neighbors, and so on "going missing" or even being confirmed as dead when their remains are discovered. These remains that show the characteristics of "a Ghoul attack" are but a handfull more tallies to add to the sickening "kill count" of this undead abomination.

Where did it come from? Why does it do what it does? When will it finally be stopped? WILL it ever be stopped? No one appears to know right now.


See: Hone Nai


The Ghoul is a withered, dessicated, zombie-like entity. It has dry flesh with visible green-grey decay in places. Its skin is more or less stretched and thin, but there are places where holes may exist and allow a peek at the bones underneath. It has sparse, stringy, yellow-brown hair clinging to a rotting scalp in individual strands and small clumps. It is missing its nose and has no lips per se, and thus its features appear rather skeletal. A lack of eyelids and the continued existence of eyeballs in the sockets produces a disturbingly wide-eyed, constantly-staring look. The irises and pupils are red, with the former bright red and the latter dark red. The Ghoul's teeth are sharpened, almost as if filed, but more akin to the teeth of a meat-eating predator. The gums are blackened strips of flesh.

The Ghoul's neck is thin enough that it looks as though turning its head too fast might make it snap. Its shoulders are similarly covered in a stretched canvas of dry flesh — more like a leathery hide than true skin. Much like with other corpses there are no ears per se, instead the Ghoul possesses only a pair of sickeningly out-of-place HOLES where the ears SHOULD be.

The mix of stretched, holey, dry-yet-rotting skin over an emaciated frame of bones — some of which even protrude through the flesh — and the dirt, dust, and sand of the desert itself makes it all too clear that this is no natural creature. This is no ninja, no jutsu, and though many may desperately hope that the Ghoul is but an illusion, or perhaps a nightmare, it is all too real. It is a monster.

It usually looks hungry too.

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