Hagane Shintario
Hagane Shintario
Birthplace Icon-Wind Land of Wind
Birthdate July 31
Gender Icon-Male Male
Age 15
Height 5'8"
Weight 125lbs
Blood Type O+
Kekkei Genkai NA
Classification None
Areas of Expertise Tactics and Strategy
Clan Hagane Clan
Affiliation Icon-Suna Sunagakure
Team None
Ninja Rank Chuunin
Genin-Equivalent Age 12
Chuunin-Equivalent Age 15
Nature Type
Element (Affinity) Icon-Earth Earth
Element (Secondary) Sand
Father NA
Mother NA
Signature Jutsu
Sand Binding Coffin


Shintario was born on the isolated island under the protection of the Miira clan; however, shortly after his birth he lost his mother. His father, unable to live without her, soon followed in a slow and silent death by the time the young child reached the age of six. He was on his own for what felt like an eternity after that, doing whatever it took to survive; such as stealing food to staying on the move near constantly. One day the young man was caught and beaten harshly, though thankfully not fatally, and left with the crush and dirty food. It was at this time a man spotted scrapping it up. That man approached him. Shintario looked up to him with weak and frighten eyes that still held an inner fire. A inner drive to push forward despite his current situation.

Sensing the fire, the man offered him a deal. A chance to change the outcome of his life by having him study under him; teaching him the skills needed to become a Sunagakure ninja. For five and a half years he spent countless hours teaching Shintario the tools and skills needed to be a ninja. Shintario picked up the path of a ninja rather quickly he also picked up sand manipulations. Noticing the rare breed of Kekki Genki the man too him into hiding and nurtured the talent until it blossomed. Shortly afterwards the man enrolled him into the academy. Once displaying his basic knowledge he quickly advanced the rank of Genin (age nine). That didnt stop there though two years later after his Jounin learder saw his talent and felt he was mature enough for it. Requested that he advanced to Chuunin at the age of eleven. Feeling that he wasnt ready they decline the request saying his maturity level didnt meet the requirements. However the next three and a half years of taking missions after missions and proving his growth they once again discussed the decision to pass him onto the rank of Chuunin. Then it happen he was given a mission that would put everything he learned to the test, it was a rather odd and diffuclt mission that to this day sometime hunt him. The mission was to silence rogue member of the village and bring their heads back. Five targets meant five heads and the first and second one went rather smoothly too smoothly. Then the third and fourth it was almost as if they were just handing them their heads. However the last one put everything he have ever learned to the test he had to take the life of a litle orpan boy that was just like him. This took a major morality check for him as he prepaired to do the deed. As he coiled his sand around the child a tear fell from his face as he crushed him and took his head. After returning back to the concil he awoken from his dream state. He learned that everything he went though was a genjutsu an it was to not only test his loyality to the village but to also let him understand what comes when wearing the title of chuunin. Proving himself worth on his 15 biirthday he was promoted. Although he makes one hell of a ninja there are still some childish natures he has in order to advance to the next rank. In order for him to become a Jounin and they are as follow: within the mist of conflict no matter what it is, everyone that is with him can come out alive. Good will always win. His current goals are to be ready for when the man who saved him returns and collects on that favor of his, and to advance in the ranks of Sunagakure to bring honor onto himself and the man who trained him. His secret goal is to become Kazekage to change the fate of everyone who was ever like him.



Shintario is an honorable ninja who hold the safety of others before himself, he have given up a lot on mission to make sure everyone comes back alive. During the harsh Silence moments he slipped into a slight darker moment where he had to give up on some lives in order to save the many. However after that he was able to pulling himself out due to the loving and care of his friends and family.


"I will show the world the beauty of the sand village, even if I have to recreate the very landscape we're standing on.


Shintario is a strong athletic build sand ninja that stands about 5'8" and weight roughly about 160lbs. Before you stands a strong proud Sand Shinobi with long blonde hair and green eyes. He allows the front to bang to frame his flawless face. He wears red face paint along his eyes as eyeliner as well as a red circle on his forehead. Shintario sports a red gi that drapes over his dark colour pants and standard ninja shoes as well.


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