Birthplace Unknown
Birthdate 6/30/5 B.F.
Gender Female
Age 20
Height 5'0" tall
Weight 112 lbs
Blood Type ???
Kekkei Genkai Secret
Classification None
Areas of Expertise Genjutsu, Sensor Ninjutsu
Clan Secret
Affiliation Fall
Team N/A
Ninja Rank Wanderer
Genin-Equivalent Age 14
Chuunin-Equivalent Age 20
Nature Type
Element (Affinity) Fire Icon-Fire
Element (Special) Yin Icon-Yin
Parents Mom and Dad. Missing.
Signature Jutsu
None yet.

Displaced kunoichi. Followed by animals wherever she goes.


Hakumei is a ninja whose family never integrated into Konohagakure. They took the chance provided by the end of the Clan Wars to put as much distance as possible between ninja conflicts and their lives as a family. They wanted nothing to do with combat, and that strong pacifist attitude was impressed upon Hakumei even at a young age. However, due to the general weakness of the family, when trouble came about, they had no means of protection. None other than hiding.

Hakumei was the only one who was not found, by suppressing and concealing her minimal Chakra, erasing herself from the world as best she could. But she did not find out what happened to her parents, the mighty ninja who had
dared to never become mighty and simply live in peace. She has thus spent the intervening years trying to locate them, training herself in ninja arts and seeking out masters where she could among the nebulously-aligned groups who continue to refuse to join with the Villages. She didn't have much in the way of education growing up, outside of ninjutsu and genjutsu, and thus she is lacking information on many things. However, she has recently come into contact with a very highly-educated woman with a dream of peace for the whole world, that can best be obtained through accruing knowledge, information, and allies.

Thus, even as she studies with and is taught by Reikoku, Hakumei continues to perform her role as a mercenary, establishing herself as a reliable but low-powered kunoichi, even as she secretly continues to build her power and
strengthen her sensory abilities to gather information on other ninja. All of this is not JUST for the benefit of Reikoku and this 'Fall' organization, however, but also part of an attempt to make it possible to resolve any conflict through non-lethal means… Genjutsu would appear to be the ultimate solution to that. But Hakumei will have to be a very powerful Genjutsuist for no one to be able to stand against her. Thus she has begun taking on higher-risk jobs, to push her skills ever further, and test her jutsu against various opponents. She has spent 10 years refining her skills in battle and out, but it appears now that her true training has only just begun.

And perhaps pushing herself in this manner is just what she needs to make her sensory abilities stronger too. Though she was nine when her parents vanished, and she sometimes doubts her own memories, and can no longer even see their faces when she tries to imagine them… She remembers the feel of their Chakra. And that might be the last and only hope she has of rejoining her family.


Somewhat flighty and simple-seeming, she is smarter than she acts, just extremely lazy. She prefers the straight forward approach to most things, rather than subtlety, which is an odd contradiction of priorities for a Genjutsu user. But overwhelming Genjutsu power does not require subtlety if it can shut down all foes who fall before it. Or maybe she's just too lazy to put in the effort to be subtle. It's hard to say.

Though she acts childish and looks the part, leading others to assume her immature, young, and naive, Hakumei has a quiet sort of awareness and information processing ability that registers varying degrees of "danger", in and out of social situations, and she uses this to gauge appropriate courses of action in combination with her intelligence. She avoids violent combat because she senses the danger to herself, and prioritizes away from such.

When forced to deal with extreme levels of danger, her reasoning and decision-making abilities degrade increasingly until she is running on pure instinct in an attempt to save herself. While she is perfectly fine working with others, the only reason she's alive now is because she did everything she could to save herself, up to and including spontaneously manifesting a latent sensor capability. If she is seriously pushed, there's no telling what else might pop out and who might be sacrificed for her own well-being…


Hakumei is a young woman with very long, spikey black hair, and dull-red eyes. She wears a somewhat ragged black kimono, tattered about the sleeves and hem, and may appear rather unkempt as a result. However, she tends to be clean and groomed, despite the state of her clothing. There also seems to be an abundance of black feathers in her environment wherever she goes.



Name Relationship Notes Picture
Reikoku Leader She's teaching Hakumei a lot, and leading her down certain paths in life, but maybe Hakumei wants to be led. She's increasing in power and knowledge, and seeing places in the world she wouldn't otherwise. Even if some of those places are scary. Hakumei thinks Reikoku is pretty strong, and that she's better off working with her than not. reikoku_bust_by_momchiha-dadkv1x.png
Shinrin Ally Hakumei only knows this person by their Shinrin identity presently. But even if he's kind of bossy and annoying and maybe even boring, when he fights he's amazing! Hakumei has a very high opinion of Shinrin's fighting skills, which might go beyond what Shinrin actually has. But it does mean she's willing to follow his lead and do what he says in battle, trusting in his greater prowess to carry them through. nano_bust_by_suzuchiha-dahvnte.png
Uchuu Mana and Uchuu Kana Allies She hasn't had a chance to interact with them yet, but they seem like Hakumei's type of kunoichi! Excitable, a little bit silly, and good at distractions. Can't take ninja-ing too seriously, or you'll go nuts! mana_and_kana_by_jessicawhitmore-daey9yj.png

Ninja Journal

Skills And Abilities

Status/Age Nin Tai Gen Int Pow Spd Sta Seal Total
14 1.5 1.0 2.0 2.0 1.0 1.0 1.0 1.5 11.0
19 3.0 2.0 3.0 3.0 2.0 2.0 2.0 2.5 19.5

RP Logs

Travel Log


Title Artist Meaning
"Wake Me Up" Avicii I'd kind of like to just take the easiest route. Maybe for people to leave me alone. I'll figure things out. And I don't have to "act like an adult" to do it, just because others say I have to.

"How Do You Love Someone" Ashley Tindale I seem functional on the surface because I don't let anyone look deeper. They think I'm just socially awkward. If that's all they think, I've succeed in deceiving them about how broken I truly I am.

"Easy Way Out" Gotye Sin/Mantra: Sloth

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