Harada Misayo
Harada Misayo
Birthplace Land of Wind
Birthdate May 9th
Gender Female
Age 16 (Looks 11)
Height 4'4"
Weight 88lbs
Blood Type B-
Kekkei Genkai Overpowering Regeneration
Areas of Expertise Regeneration, studying medicine
Clan False Immortals
Affiliation Sunagakure
Team None
Ninja Rank Student
Ninja Registration M30332111
Academy Grad. Age Not yet reached
Chuunin Grad. Age Long ways off
Nature Type
Element Not revealed
Father Harada Sato
Mother Riri Hana
Signature Jutsu
Rapid Regrowth

"I do not know what this 'love' is, Father, and I am not interested in learning about it. I will be a ninja, I will do these things because you ask. But I will also be looking for my own reasons to do them."





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