Hariyama Nano
Hariyama Nano
Birthplace Unknown
Birthdate 1/1/17 B.F. (Believed)
Gender Unknown
Age 33 (Believed)
Height Variable
Weight Variable
Blood Type Variable
Kekkei Genkai True Henge
Classification None
Areas of Expertise Assassination, Medical Ninjutsu
Clan Gansaku
Affiliation None
Team N/A
Ninja Rank Wanderer
Genin-Equivalent Age Unknown
Chuunin-Equivalent Age Unknown
Jounin-Equivalent Age Unknown
Nature Type
Element (Affinity) Unknown
Element (Secondary) Unknown
None Known N/A
Signature Jutsu

Hariyama Nano is a poetic murderer for hire, who moonlights as a freelance Medic-Nin.


Hariyama Nano is the latest alias for a Gansaku assassin whose usage of their Kekkei Genkai, combined with the erasure of self over and over in order to fit into a given "role" has become so extensive that Nano no longer knows who or what it was originally. Its very mental picture of itself is unclear, and its "base" form is now mostly a gray-fleshed, scarred and stitched monster of gangly, nearly inhuman body structure. Part of this is likely due to the body modifications accomplished through Medic-Nin capabilities, but even so, there have simply been too many missions, too many faces, too many forms.

While ninja are still hired for many types of missions, and some Villages may be more willing to engage in assassination and espionage than others, for extremely difficult missions that one would rather remain anonymous for, especially if they would go against the will of a Village or nation, such as a political assassination, a free agent like Nano might be preferable. Even if more expensive.

While Nano feels it is probably about 30 years old, it can't be certain. It might be older or younger. And with all its experiences, it may come across as older than it really is as well. But of course, knowing how much is an act is hard to discern for others as well…


As Nano has lost touch with its original self, it has developed a persistent psyche that may or may not be connected to its "true" identity. This psyche, in order to retain sanity, treats the world as a number of stories, all intertwining. Each person has their own story, with others being cameos in them.

Nano observes them, inserts itself into their life somehow, and then at the right moment, draws the tale to a close. A poetic way of saying it kills them. While living out another's life is certainly thrilling in its own way, Nano is content to merely play pretend at identities without killing, unless paid to do otherwise. Many "agents" and "front men" and "contacts" who "pass along jobs" to Nano are in fact Nano itself in many different guises, making the assassin even more mysterious to those in the underworld who employ such services.

Living out various lives, even if it loses itself in the process, is the insanity that keeps Nano sane between missions. By discharging all of its mental instability into obsessively pursuing a given life and identity, it can focus whole-heartedly on its "real" existence when on the job. This paradoxical relationship between a normal life being insane and the brutal world of infiltration and murder being where sanity lies says much about Nano's psychological stability.

Though WHAT it says exactly is a bit harder to analyze.



Nano Desc

Nano is a mysterious entity of unclear age, sex, ethnicity, or any other feature. Wardrobe is often body-concealing, and this being seems to change height, build, and other dimensions frequently, such that connecting any two instances is very difficult, if not impossible. Draping clothing, bandage wraps, and other accoutrements conceal all the details, leaving the true nature of "Nano" an unknown.


Anju Desc

Anju appears to be a woman in her late-20s or early-30s, with shoulder-length blue hair. She wears sunglasses, a white long coat with a high collar that conceals the lower half of her face, black slacks, and a pair of boots. Her build is hard to discern due to her coat, and she seems to have a lot of equipment she pulls out of that same garment at times, mostly of a medicinal nature.


Shinrin Desc

Shinrin is a bald man seemingly in his mid-30s, with a scar reaching from his forehead down over his face and vanishing into the wrap he wears over the lower-half of his face. His right eye is a milky white, and his left is a dull lifeless brown hue that barely reflects the light. Shinrin stands about 6 feet tall, with a strong, but not muscle-bound build. He is clearly physically powerful, but his strength is compact, and distributed across his body, indicating someone who endures thorough, intensive, work-outs and a very active life style, rather than simply trying to build muscle.

Shinrin's attire, in addition to his ubiquitous face wrap, includes black body armor on his torso, arm guards, a dull-gray cloth wrap about his waist, hanging down on his left side, a sword sheathe through said wrap, and a pair of somewhat baggy black pants. The pants have more of that black body armor strapped on over them, as well as reinforced tabi on his feet.


Kuchibiru Desc

Kuchibiru is a woman with a skin tone indicating she's a desert native. She is tanned, with green hair down to her lower back, and purple eyes. Her left eye is covered with the bandages that partially wrap around her head, and the rest of her body bears similar wrappings, though they seem to have conspicuous gaps between them in various strategic locations, keeping her barely decent. It appears some kind of tattoo or seal work is scrawled up her right side, from her right thigh up under the bandages wrapped around her chest.



Ninja Journal

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RP Logs

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Title Artist Meaning Link
"Make Me Real" She Who are you when you don't know your own past? When your own mind betrays you? If your identity is always that of another, and you only find solace in the absence of self, who are you? And does that identity die when you remember who you used to be? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bMS8ycqV9FQ
"The End" Garden Who began this journey isn't who is here now. The limitations of that self are gone. Everything lies ahead. A universe of infinite possibility. Nano could become anything, anyone, or abandon identity entirely and achieve a form of existence beyond human comprehension. To be "self" without identity. But instead, it clings to the transient lives and stories that it assumes, only returning to the self without identity when it must. Why? Why keep holding on to the flaws of personality? What does it really want to be? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YzxDQIT6Mxg
"Schism" Tool My mind is a jigsaw I'm still putting together. I know how the pieces fit. Because I broke them in the first place. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_yNAABKD4IA

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