Hayashi Hideaki
Hayashi Hideaki
Birthplace Land of Fire
Birthdate 12/29/10 B.F.
Gender Male
Age 18
Height 5'8"
Weight 130 lbs.
Blood Type AB-
Kekkei Genkai None
Classification None
Areas of Expertise Wind Style Ninjutsu
Clan None
Affiliation Konohagakure
Team None (yet)
Ninja Rank Chuunin
Genin-Equivalent Age 12
Chuunin-Equivalent Age 17
Nature Type
Element (Affinity) Wind
Signature Jutsu
Chakra Draining Flurry

Hideaki was a once promising student and genin who became withdrawn after the death of his sister. His social life evaporated and his training stalled. However, recently he has shown progress on both fronts, advancing to chuunin and showing a greater willingness to interact with others. He is a perfectionist, often to the point of obsession. He is often seen studying seemingly mundane things and making incomprehensible notes.


Decades ago…

Before the founding of the first villages, Hayashi Kazuo met a wandering shinobi who recognized in his latent ability for wind style ninjutsu. Kazuo would explore his talents with his new sensei for some time. Sadly, Kazuo's story was cut short. Wandering shinobi working for hire can often make enemies, and those enemies often have little interest in sparing students. Kazuo left behind three sons who had learned some of the basics of harnessing the power of wind through chakra. With no teacher, however, they were scarcely prepared to fight the battles of full-fledged shinobi. The three sons scattered across the Land of Fire. From one of those sons, Kazuo would have grandchildren he could never met with destinies as true shinobi.


Hideaki has recently begun to emerge from a self constructed shell. He still often prefers silence and his own company out of habit, but will also engage in socialization and conversation, usually with more of an interest in listening than speaking, asking questions rather than answering them. His perfectionist personality remains intact, mirrored in his efficiency of chakra usage. He can also be obsessive, and is often found making elaborate diagrams for theories and plans that are barely comprehensible to others, or "studying" seemingly mundane phenomena and taking copious notes (a side effect of working in isolation for so many years). However, he seems to have finally moved beyond the grief of his loss, and is ready, willing, and able to contribute to the defense and welfare of Konohagakure.


Hideake is a teenage boy of lean figure and unremarkable height, perhaps 5'8". His face is absent wrinkles, and he has a thin nose and lips. His irises are a narrow brown, dark enough to look nearly as part of his pupils. His black hair is carefully slicked straight back, a stray hair almost never to be seen, with a Konoha forehead protector tied right along his hairline. He wears a Chuunin vest, and underneath that a dark blue silk shirt, with sleeves sheer enough that in bright light thin but well-toned arms can be seen. He also wears a pair of black cotton slacks, well pressed at nearly all times.

He is often seen carrying a satchel full of scrolls, from which he will often remove one and begin taking notes after a period of observation or silence.


Name Relationship Notes
Satonezu Ataru (PC) Ally/trainer Despite rather different personalities, Hideaki and Ataru seem to get along well. Recently, Hideaki has enlisted Ataru's help in physical aspects of his training.
Inuzuka Atsuro (PC) Leader/Confidant Hideaki has worked under Atsuro and socialized with him. In the latter setting, Atsuro has displayed a talent for getting Hideaki to open up and answer questions about himself

Observation Log

Hideaki's observations consist of several scrolls, upon which are scribbled many intricate diagrams, equations, and musings on a variety of subjects. Most of the entries are unreadable to anyone except their author but others might be of interest to the casual voyeur.

Skills And Abilities

RP Logs

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