Hayato Akiko
Hayato Akiko
Birthplace Land of Wind: Sunagakure
Birthdate May 18, 2 BF
Gender Female
Age 13
Height 5' (152.4 cm)
Weight 97lbs (43.9985 kg)
Blood Type A-
Kekkei Genkai Hayato Senses
Classification Archer
Areas of Expertise Archery, Ranged Combat
Clan Hayato
Affiliation Symbol-Sunagakure Sunagakure
Team None
Ninja Rank Genin
Genin-Equivalent Age 11 years
Status Deceased
Nature Type
Element (Affinity) Not Found
Father Hayato Osamu
Mother Hayato Emiko
Signature Move
Archer Shot

Hayato Akiko was born a wanderer, but now she has settled in Sunagakure. While her parents will occasionally go off on their own to make sure some of their oases aren't taken by other Hayato broods or bandits, Akiko didn't join them as often as she did unless she was free of missions for the week. Akiko was a very loyal member of Sunagakure's shinobi force. Due to some complications, she is currently deceased.


Akiko was born to a couple, both part of the Hayato clan. Their names were Hayato Osamu and Hayato Emiko. Her parents were both very skilled archers and were able to teach Akiko some of their skills before she decided to attend the Academy. Thus they decided to move into Sunagakure to start a new life, but their wandering ways are hard to be rid of. As such, they both have a house in Suna and continue to travel between oases. It was up until the age of 7 that Akiko experienced the constant moving, and at 8 things began to stabilize for her. The one thing that was constant was her falcon companion, Kotone.

Kotone and Akiko have been together since the girl turned a year old, which is when Kotone happened to hatch. Always together since then, the pair were able to bond extremely well and often enjoyed playing together. As time moved on, they started to work together on various ninja techniques they might be required to learn. As mentioned, Akiko's parents were skilled archers. They passed on some of their skill to Akiko naturally, and she was gifted with a bow when she entered the academy at age 8. Her skill with a bow is fairly decent, considering her age. There's definitely a lot of potential.

Akiko graduated from the academy at the age of 11, having developed her archery skills and partnership with Kotone very well this far. The first year as a Sunagakure genin was filled with minor missions so she could get used to more of the Shinobi rather than the wandering life. Now that she's acclimated, she's raring to go and more than ready to take on some enemies!


Akiko tends to be more on the cheerful side, especially when Kotone is around. But if Kotone is ever injured, then Akiko will become very upset, her cheerful personality turning serious and perhaps a bit bloodthirsty if the injury wasn't due to an accident… When it comes to archery, speed is important. Akiko never found herself focusing on ninjutsu, so it suffers from her lack of training. And she likes speed instead of power, which makes her attacks similar to that of a bee. Fast, but painful for only a bit.

If one ever meets Akiko when she's in need of sleep, one would find that Akiko is rather unpleasant to deal with. She's snippy and to the point, and her tone of voice tends to go on the more abrupt side. A shorter fuse, far more irritable, and in general, not someone that should have her sleep disturbed. Her falcon seems to be of the same mind, but is a bit more ruthless. The sharp beak and talons will quickly embed themselves in whatever is making the rude awakening, even if it's Akiko herself!


Akiko is about five feet tall with blonde hair that ends just past her chin. It's left hanging there, the girl finding not much need to do anything with it. Helping keep it out of her face is her hitai-ate, the symbol of Sunagakure etched into the metal. The girl is wearing a white cloak, in hopes of keeping cool in the hot desert, which covers most of her clothing. However, one might be able to glimpse the dark pants she's wearing, as well as the dark undershirt. Both are made of light, but strong material.

With her, the girl carries a bow and quiver full of arrows. Typically, one might see a falcon hanging around the area and occasionally perch on her shoulder.


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